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The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide (Step by Step)

Are you sure your site is not prone to any vulnerabilities? If there are advantages of going online then disadvantages make their way also unless you are properly secured. Owing a website doesn’t suffice itself but you need to be extra careful for any kind of security breaches or malicious attacks.

Though WordPress offers world class robust, secure and flexible platform but a little attention to certain DIY can make your site breach proof and 100% secure to any hacking. Yes!! You guessed it right here this blog is all about how you can secure your WordPress website.

How can a security breach happen?

If you miss on any of the following, you are on target list of hackers.

Why me?

This question may have hit your mind many times. Thinking that, yours is a less popular or small website so no will attack is very wrong.

Rather Hacker’s bots keep on searching for some good websites which they can hack. Here the hackers, target your site and plan a man-in-the-middle attack.

Your website acts as a middle man between two illegal mediums. This not only tarnishes your brand but can severely damage your business. This is one of the examples I have quoted here.

You may become a victim of DOS (Denial of service) or DDOS attacks and not to forget the Brute force and SQL injection attacks. I am listing out some key steps so that you can secure your site resulting in a safe and healthy site.


These are just the basic steps which you can configure yourself pretty comfortably. These DIY don’t require any kind of technical knowledge and can be done easily.

I have covered almost all aspects of securing your WordPress site which can be done by you. If in case, everything fails then hire a professional to fix it up for you. Just follow these simple steps and believe me that your site will have a great future. Good Luck!!

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