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The Development of a Website by Students as a Testing Platform for SEO Strategies

The main objectives for developing a website can be to fulfill a purpose, target an audience, and fill it with content. No matter how good the design of your website is, it cannot meet these three goals if users cannot find it during an online search. 
The website owner must strategically place their website to a location where it can be easily found by those looking for solutions online. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to do SEO testing to help understand what enhances your SEO campaign. 

Steps to a successful website

The success of any website starts at its development phase. At this phase, the developer must answer each question on why they are developing the website. In our case here, students are developing a website for SEO testing.

As a result, it must have all the tools that will help boost its SEO strategies. The website must support students learning and help promote knowledge in the learning environment.  
It starts with a well-thought-out plan to create a successful website. The website is the vehicle by which the students will make their plan succeed. This is the phase where the students will choose the type of technology to use.

It will help you know the resource input required and the estimated timeline. The next step is the website design phase which is done with the target audience in mind.

The design incorporates the wireframes, color, buttons to include, graphics to use, animations, menus, etc. The third phase is the implementation phase. 
This is an important phase because it’s where content begins to fill the website. The implementation also involves frontend and backend development and other tools like citation tools, grammar checkers, idea generators, plagiarism checkers, etc., in the case of a student’s website. 
It is interesting how people will always get something or someone to blame if they fail in something. On the contrary, people are busy looking for results and this is what you should also be looking out for.

As you work smarter in college to improve knowledge, incorporate things like enhanced study and build your testing strategies to help you stay above the rest.

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Testing and deployment

Before you make your website available online or before you publish it, you must test it to make sure it has no bugs and its quality. The website is tested in several areas like its performance, its functionality, usability, and its compatibility. This is the phase where the students can start to test the website for SEO capabilities. 

Running SEO tests for a students website

To help test for SEO strategies, the website must be published because the purpose is to know if people can find the website during online searches.

The students will try and use varying titles, links, and meta descriptions to test what will work for the website during the SEO campaign. 
Any website that search engines cannot find is doomed to fail no matter how good its content is. This is why testing for SEO is very important. It helps website owners know the best ways to optimize their search engine results. 

How to optimize SEO strategies for a student website

Test your titles: your titles are what is displayed during searches. Try different title lengths, change the wording, emotional appeal, and keywords on your titles. Use SEO testing tools to see how the titles are ranking on SERPs. 
Play around with your header tags: header tags are what give search engines tips on what the main subject of the page is. Like in title tags, change the wording, length, and structures of your H1, H2, H3, etc. headers.
Change image positions: place your images at different positions or change the types of images in your content. 
Use links: links will drive visitors back to your website, but they require to be anchored on texts. 
Qualities of a good website range from an excellent design to mobile optimization, ease of use, quality of content, and SEO optimization. A student’s website must meet these qualities to help them benefit from college studies, practice, and ideas.

The process of testing a student’s website for SEO strategies can help them improve their research skills and SEO knowledge, which is important for success in writing college papers. 
Author’s Bio:

Brice Ray works for a SaaS startup where his job is to spread awareness about company products through web content, blog, free ebooks and emails.

He’s been successful in his role and also in the freelance writer role, where he helps students in doing their essays, thesis and dissertations. His free time is for reading novels and doing random sketches.

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