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The Best Reasons why React.js is Popular in Web Development

Web designers who want to use frameworks to build and maintain websites and apps can find making the right choice slightly overwhelming. Most decide to go with a well known web application framework, but they can benefit from using an open source Javascript library known as React.js.

A recent study showed that React.js is one of the most popular web framework applications out there, and people who use the application are loving it!

Today, React.js is used to create and maintain over a million sites. Well known tech companies like Amazon and Netflix are just some of the industry giants who use the library. However, it can also benefit smaller site owners too.

React.js is a product that was developed by social media giants Facebook, and their ever growing community. It can be used for building user-interfaces for both mobile apps and desktops. It is believed that React development services play a vital role in developing multiple websites online.

Easy to Learn

If you are worried about not being able to get your head around React.js, don’t be. If you have experience working with HTML, Javascript, and CSS, react.js uses JSX. This is simply javascript, so you won’t have to study a new language.

One of the main reasons developers enjoy using React.js is because it is easy to use. It is simplified, so you should have no issues getting used to it.

The application has a live reload feature, which allows the site to reload without having to manually reload it yourself. This feature makes websites designed for desktop computers mobile friendly. With so many internet users accessing websites through their mobile devices, it is important that the site looks good on a smartphone or tablet. For example, Instagram, one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms, is made with react.

Those who are having difficulty with React.js can rely on the developer toolset for help. This tool will make developing with React.js an enjoyable experience. React browser extensions are available to download on popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

Lots of Developers

Because React.js is one of the most popular front-end frameworks, it has a large community of developers behind the scenes. If they spot an error while developing React.js, a solution is found in a short space of time. Developers regularly add new features and update security issues. It is a highly secure product, which is why so many web developers decide to use it.

You can rely on the large library React.js provides users, instead of writing complex codes yourself. The company has a large community of React developers who update the library on a regular basis. You can benefit from the extensive library instead of spending time writing codes yourself.

React Can Help Boost your Site’s Ranking on Major Search Engines

User experience plays a very important role when it comes to site ranking on major search engines. Because it helps produce sites that mobile users can visit, well-known search engines tend to rank sites made with React.js higher than others.

It can help improve the visitors’ experience while visiting the site. Visitors will find navigating through your site’s pages easy, which is another important factor search engines will keep in mind when ranking your site. React.js can automatically solve common SEO failures. The higher the ranking, the more visitors will engage with your site. React.js can help increase the speed of your site by reducing the time it takes for each page to load.

Reusable Components

Writing code for large website development projects can consume a lot of time. Typically, web designers are unable to effectively reuse code components. By changing a component, it would impact all copies of that component.

Unlike other applications, react.js allows web developers to reuse design components. This can help them save time and help create more accurate codes. Not only does it allow you to reuse components, but it also lets you repurpose components in other areas of the code. This feature allows you to maintain the order of the code, which is useful, especially if the project you are working on requires a lot of scripts.


If you are hoping to bring your site to the next level, React.js can prove highly beneficial. It is not surprising that well known sites and applications use Reat.js. It is an efficient development framework that developers around the world are taking on board.

Initially, react.js was developed to be used inside Facebook, but in 2013, it became available as open-source. It is used to develop and maintain social media platforms, video platforms, communication companies like Skype, and even SaaS solutions.

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