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The Best and Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2022

It is very challenging to pick one WordPress theme out of several available. In fact, the toughest part is when all of them are very efficient and contain features almost similar to each other.

Hence, if you find the procedure to select too much to handle, then ideally you should zero in on the one that is versatile in nature.

Obviously over here prioritization according to need and requirement assumes importance. In order to simplify your process, it is advisable to focus on highly rated themes, both free and premium, and go through a demo to ensure that the theme is a perfect fit for you.

So, we have provided some of the best themes that are ranked highly due to their usability and functionality.Simply go through these with due diligence and find your match.

Photostat PRO

This happens to be one of the finest Photography WordPress themes, which has an attractive design and layout.

Photostat PRO has a wide array ofcutting-edge tools with which you can take the functionality aspect of websites to a higher level.

The footer segment gives you four layout options, and the header can be modified toa bring out call to action also. This WordPress theme can be customized with ease as well to conjure up a fully-functional website.


Glamour World PRO

Quite like the name, this WordPress theme can bewitch you totally. The Glamour World Pro theme contains a variety of tools, widgets, and plugins to facilitate you in getting a website the way you desire. Even on the count of updates and customization, this theme comes trumps up.

The entire process is very much automated that you only have to make certain selections and the edits happen swiftly and automatically.


Kids Campus PRO

This is an energizing, appealing and a creative theme of WordPress. The Kids Campus PRO has been crafted carefully to provide all solutions to websites, pertaining to preschool, kindergartens, childcare centers,etc.
It is equipped with custom post types to publish info regarding testimonials, curriculum, gallery, etc on the website.

Kids Campus Pro has several page templates to showcase whatever you want. There is a drag-and-drop plugin as well with which custom pages can be created effortlessly.


Wild Safari PRO

The Wild Safari PRO, as the name suggests, is primarily to build websites for wildlife sanctuaries or shelters accommodating wild animals.

This theme can be used to create online platforms for safari parks, aquariums, pet animal zoos, etc. This WordPress wildlife theme boasts of a very bright color scheme, excellent homepage slider, and smooth navigation.

Wild Safari PRO is created within a robust framework of Theme Options and contains a plethora of features and tools to give shape to a website without being tech-savvy.


Study Circle PRO

This is another great value addition in the world of WordPress themes that is ideal if you are into educational domain: operating a College or a University.

Despite going easy on the aspect of design, the structure is very much layered. Over here, you have the liberty of featuring the rudimentary info pertaining to your site and drop-down menus meant for galleries and high-quality images.

Car Fix Pro

This WordPress theme perfectly blends beauty with brains, and it is perfectly carved out for car repair business.

This also has good enough tools to crack effervescent and professional websites for the automobile domain. With the theme, anyone can create a dedicated and efficient website for their car repair shop, and that too in quick time.

It has got cutting-edge features and plenty of options, which can be found in the panel of Theme Options. This also offers great scope for customization.


This is an absolutely simple and versatile WordPress Theme, which is a perfect fit for the blog, portfolio, etc. This is ranked highly for its multi-purpose utilities and visual appeal it offers.

The layout of the theme is as pristine as white and is totally responsive as users don’t have to make any efforts to navigate through the site.

This is an ideal WordPress theme for developing corporate websites. Also, this theme contains a variety of tools and widgets, and gels well with third party plugins.


This also happens to be an incredible WP theme. The design of Pulsing really stands out, and it encompasses several WordPress templates that are devised to suit multiple activities.

Though this suits any business, the Pulsing is a perfect match for a lifestyle or a shopping portal. The WordPress theme gels very well with WooCommerce plugin, and it is 100% responsive as well. It can also be customized with ease.


Wedding Bells

This is another awesome theme from the stable of WordPress platform which is specifically meant for the event and wedding-related websites.

The degree of customization on offer makes it stand out from the crowd. With a clean architecture and an excellent layout, it is your fairytale theme.

Wedding Bells can be installed quite conveniently and includes a variety of templates, which can be customized with regard to color, font,etc, and used as it is also.


Wide Range

As the name suggests, this WordPress theme has several facets to it. It is unarguably one of the finest themes that have ticked on all the right boxes in terms of flexibility and usability.

On the visual aspect, it is not only just pleasing to the eyes but mesmerizing as well because it was crafted with cameramen, Photo studios, Film Studio companies in mind.

The design and layout are very well streamlined to lure the visitor in and keep them under a spell, and drop-down menu or sliders can be used for accessing the portfolio of your high-resolution images.

It is very much conclusive that the WordPress platform is one of the best to build websites as it has several themes and plugins to get the job done with ease.

But there is a problem of plenty with WordPress because there are many themes and plugins on offer on this platform.

This article only tries to make the choice easy by listing out the best themes available on the WordPress platform. We hope after reading this, you will be able to make an informed choice when it comes to themes.

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