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Most Effective Tips to Improve Collaboration between Web Designers and Developers

The growth of the designing industry has been remarkable over the past years and so has the development industry evolved. Design and development play a crucial part in every software related task.

When designers and developers work together in coordination they can undoubtedly bring success to any project. However, most of the projects are initiated with designers and then developers take over it. The entire process results in a huge disconnection between the designers and developers.

This should not be the scenario as both developers and designers can together make a project successful. Neither can work single-handedly they need to collaborate with each other and understand the requirements of each other really well in order to make a project affluent.

But there are some stereotypical notions on both sides. Most of the developers believe that the designers are unreasonable and unconventional while designers assume that developers are in adaptable and nagging.

These are mere stereotypes most of the time and the truth is both designers and developers need to work in collaboration in order to make a project successful.

However, first let’s discuss some of the major problems that both creative minds have to face more often.

Creative Conflicts

Well, since designing and developing work depend upon each other it is obvious both creative minds are bound to have conflicts. However, when two teams that specialize in different spheres are involved to work together many times the conflicts can hamper the project’s progress.

The creative differences can cause disputes and also create a communication gap between the two teams. These issues can actually delay the projects and majorly affect the collaboration between the designers and developers.

Absence of alignment

The real problem comes when the teams are unable to work on similar pages. The team tends to work on convictions and believes without bothering to clear any misunderstanding or communicate with each other.

This vague nature of work leads to disputes, unwanted delays, over time and as a result, the projects are not up to the mark.

Lack of central hub

Well, tracking different channels and various designs can be very exhausting and confusing. It is quite difficult for both the teams to keep an eye on the development of a project without having any management software.

Also, looking for project related data and information every day can be weary especially if you do not have a central hub to store all the important and crucial data of every project.

Not having a central managing system can result in communication barriers between the teams and as result decline the progress as it can cost a lot of time too.

In order to tackle some of the major problems mentioned above faced by majority of the development and designing team, it is always good to hold a group discussion before starting any project.

Other than that there is a list of things that you can do in order to improve collaboration between designers and developers in order to have sky-high results.

  1. Consider the user

    Well, before starting any project it is advisable to sit together and keep a discussion by considering all of the target audience/users in mind. For example, if you are about to bring a new product in the market or incorporating some new features you shall be thinking of someone who has been using the product for some time.

    Also, if you have been constantly facing some kind of errors in the project it is good to solve them by considering your business goals in mind.

    In short designing something without considering the target audience or the users is literally futile it won’t do any good to you or the project.

  2. Make sure to be transparent and have a clear understanding

    It is very important for developers and designers to work in proximity to each other from the initiation of a project. Many a time the developers are not aware of how things are work among the designers and vice versa. As a result, both the teams do not have a clear idea about the project.

    This is why it is always a good option to include both the teams since the beginning of a task. This way you are not only creating a transparent atmosphere but there is no communication barrier and the chances of redesigning and delaying of tasks are not much.

    When both the teams have a clear understanding of each other’s tasks and duties the chances of getting fruitful results are relatively higher, as a result, better satisfaction on the users end too.

  3. Communicate from the beginning and from time to time

    We all know that creative tasks and jobs need amazing communication on every end. Communication gap and barriers can cause a lot of trouble to the organization in particular.

    According to a survey done on average, there is a loss of around $62.4 million every year because of communication errors in work places. In addition to that around 86% of majority non-successful projects are due to a lack of collaboration between the teams.

    This is why both designers and developers need to sit down together find the common grounds with respect to the project and ultimately look for solutions in order to resolve any kind of work-related problems.

  4. Find tools that can help both the teams

    The most important thing that you need to do is look for tools that can be really helpful for the team. For the designers, you need to look for tools that help them in making better designs the tools should be up-to-date.

    It should make their job easier by helping them in storing the required elements like fonts, UI in place. There are tools that can also help the team in better management of work.

    Same goes for developer make sure the software is updated for time to time in order to help them in better collaboration with the team and deliver amazing results.

    Other than that you can also use tools that help in better management of the entire work in order to help the teams in conversing and chatting with each other about work-related issues and solutions.

  5. Create standards

    Undoubtedly when the teams have appropriate tools to work on, the tasks can be done swiftly. However, many times most of the discussion can be very much time consuming in particular.

    For instance, picking up a WordPress plugin that serves the designing purpose and technological requirements can be quite a task. Nonetheless, once you have decided on the plugin it is quite reasonable to use the same plugin for the same project until it fits the logistical reasons.

    It is quite similar for other criteria’s like size, grid, margin etc. This is why it is important to create a standard before starting any project. This way your team already knows what type of work is expected from them without you having to fix things at the last moment.


Well, it is very important to consider designing and development as one team before starting a project. Both are dependent on each other and have similar goals to accomplish. In order to create seamless websites, it is advisable to work in collaboration with each other and work as a whole team.

When it comes to designing and development both visual look and technical response matters that is why it important to work in alliance with each other.

Mandeep Singh Author

Mandeep Singh – Technical SEO consultant who runs small SEO Company. Before Strivers Edge, he has led products teams in developing state of the art web and handling various marketing projects of different companies.

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