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How to Reduce HTTP/S Requests in WordPress

You wanted to reduce HTTP/S Requests on your WordPress website, In this article, you are going to learn how you can do that in your WordPress website. Before going into working on reducing the requests, let’s dig into what are HTTP/S requests and what are the tools you can use for checking the number of HTTP/S requests on any website.

What are HTTP/S requests?

Every time you load a website, the browser sends a request to the server. After the initial request, the server sends all the necessary files to load the complete website on a browser. These files include images, CSS files, js files audio and video files. Every file that is received by the browser is considered as a request.

The lower the number of requests on any website, higher the speed of a website. The website will load very quickly with few HTTP/S requests. And you already know website speed also one of the major ranking factors for search engines like google.

Later in this article, you will learn how to reduce the HTTP/S requests in WordPress.

Tools to Check the Number of HTTP/S Requests of a Website?

Now you know what are the HTTP/S requests, if you know how to check the HTTP/S requests of a website then skip to the next step or else continue reading.

How to Reduce HTTP/S Requests in WordPress

In this step, you will learn tips to reduce HTTP/S Requests for any website, especially in WordPress. For reducing the requests, we should reduce the number of files loading for a website. If you’re not very familiar with basic web development tools, here’s some coding for beginners stuff to get you started.

Now, we can reduce these number of files by following these simple steps.


Reducing the number of HTTP/S requests on your website can make your website load faster. Your websites search engine ranking positions will be improved. So you can get more traffic and more conversions, result in more revenue.

By just taking a few simple steps to reduce HTTP/S requests on your WordPress website you can reap the benefits in the long run for your business.

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