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How To Promote A Blog: 10 Tips To Spread Your Content

After creating your website with WordPress, surely you already have a few published articles, and you have made an effort to do everything possible so that everything is perfect. You are even applying SEO to your post.

Everything has to work, right? But have you thought about the process on how to promote a blog?

Do you really think your content is going to read just like that? Do you think you are going to appear in internet search engines so soon?

Google seems to be telling you from the first moment that you have to work hard on your content and write a quality post to start appearing in the first search results, and I say your content because through your articles it is the best way to promote a blog.

It is logical, Google as a private company, wants the best information to be served, and if you do it well, it will end up valuing you, but you have to use yourself thoroughly. Until then, what to do to promote the contents of your blog?

What to do to promote a blog

The hardest thing is to start. It is already complicated when we see how to create a blog, and when we overcome that task, we also find that it is not easy to know how to promote a blog.

Relax, everyone has gone through it, and it is not as easy as it seems, as many make you believe.

It is very frustrating to look at the statistics of Google Analytics and see that you have 10 or 20 visits a day.

Social networks, advertising campaigns, social aggregators, guest posts, links; There are many ways to work so that your website gradually gains recognition.

Your website is like a puzzle, you need to fit all the pieces one by one to make it work, and you have to see that every little progress, no matter how small, counts. A Web is like a Puzzle. All the pieces have to fit perfectly for it to work.

As making a blog is not easy, all these steps will make your visits grow. Without visits, all the strategies you have in your head will be worthless.

Be careful. There are those who get more conversions with fewer visits but think that the greater the scope, the greater the benefit. You have to do everything possible to reach the maximum number of people.

Where to promote and spread the content of my blog

There are many ways to start spreading your content. You are going to see the different ways to gain visibility so that your articles are more visited, more read, and more shared.

If we have an e-commerce with an internet sales page, for example, thinking about how to make money with a website if we do not have visibility can become a desperate task.

Let’s just go and see the ten ways to promote a blog.

#1. How to promote a blog on social networks

Social networks are the main sources of traffic. Nowadays, a project without these means of social diffusion does not have a good end.

Over time, depending on the authority that you acquire or the objectives that you achieve, you can get to do without them, although from my point of view, it is a mistake since, to a greater or lesser extent, social networks will always contribute a lot to your project.

As I suppose you know, there are several social networks, but not all of them are prepared to be used professionally, nor is it necessary for you to be in all of them, you should only work on those that you are capable of managing.

You have to be active in networks. Whether you are SEO, copywriter, or any other discipline, you must be present both personally and professionally.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram are increasingly adapted to companies and are impressive channels to disseminate valuable content.

When promoting your post through these social media, you have to:

Use attractive images.
Creating an eye-catching logo is not enough for your blog. Pay attention to the title and all of the other images: They must be striking, and the images must have the measurements that each social network has predetermined.
For example, through the Yoast Seo tool, you can choose the image for Twitter and Facebook to fit the required dimensions or choose the one you want.

Post during peak hours.
There is no best time to advertise your content on social networks. There are many studies that you can see on the net about what is the best time to disseminate content. I think it is very relative since it depends a lot on the sector where you move.

In my case, the hours when I receive the most visits through social networks are in the mornings between 10:00 and 11:00 and in the afternoons between 15: 30-17: 00

Posting after 3 in the afternoon can bring you added traffic. Think that in South America, there are between 5 and 7 hours less. If you also share in South American groups, you will have more clicks, for example, but each social network is different.

#2. Promote your website using Guest posting

A very good practice to promote the content of a blog, whether in online marketing or in any other discipline, is guest posting. You will gain visibility by publishing articles on other blogs on the same subject.

Try to publish in blogs that have authority and many visits per month. In this way, people will get to know you.

There are those who think that you have to spend less time on your own site and publish in another professional blog. In my opinion, I don’t see it so. Clearly, it is difficult to know what the ideal percentage is because no matter how much visibility other blogs give you, if not you still have a lot of content on your site, you will be able to offer little.

My advice is that you use a middle ground and that you work hard publishing on your site and when you have an acceptable number of posts, try to make a collaboration.

Most professionals are open to receiving guest posts, don’t be shy about proposing a topic to them and blogging.

#3. Use campaigns to advertise your blog

Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Google Adwords …, there are several Internet advertising companies that exist today.

Using these online advertising campaigns to promote a blog is very necessary when you have been around for a while since visibility is essential, you will have to use them to save time.

All professionals, to a greater or lesser extent, use them or have used them.

You have to see these types of advertising on your website as an investment. Regardless of the positive progress, your website has, the possibilities of visibility that these tools offer you are incredible.

Ads on the internet like a good Facebook ads campaign (cheaper than Google AdWords) can skyrocket (if you use good targeting and are creative when placing your ads) the number of visits to your web pages.

You can read this complete Facebook Ads guide and create a profitable campaign.

#4. Promote content in Comments or forums

Leaving comments on other blogs on the same topic can be very positive to gain more recognition.

The fact that people end up seeing you in several places is very beneficial.

You also get a link to your site that may be better than it seems. Check it by reading this article about Nofollow links

The forums, although a time ago it was a site where much was used to obtain Dofollow links without adding anything of value, today most of them try to avoid this by promoting dialogue among their users.

Today the moderators have made sure that these links are Nofollow, which is very important for it to really do its job, to generate interaction; use them since through them you can make yourself more known (as long as you contribute something)

#5. Social Aggregators

Social aggregators are another way to promote a blog with good results.

Its operation is simple. You simply insert the URL of the article you want to promote, then write down a title, a description, and some tags, and this post will be published on the portal where it will be voted by opting to reach the cover page.

Getting to the front page will generate a lot of visibility and visits to your website.

#6. Youtube Channel

As promoting a blog through a YouTube channel is today one of the best ways to promote your personal brand, videos (depending on the theme) can be positioned earlier.

If within the video you place links to others created and insert your website and articles into the description, without a doubt, you will gain visibility.

Youtube is increasingly elementary, and today it offers many possibilities. It is booming.

This is another very powerful way to promote your blog and have another large number of visits come to your website through your video program.

You can read this article where I explain step by step how to create a YouTube channel.

#7. Create a Podcast

The podcast is another very good means of dissemination to promote the contents of a blog.

We go with little time. We move from one place to another, and being able to listen to interviews or the same articles in audio in the car or on any device is a promotional tool to consider.

Think that you have many ways to gain visibility at your fingertips, analyze which one suits you best, and use them. Especially when starting your own podcast is easy with a variety of online tools and platforms. Podcastle is an all-in-one audio creation platform that will guide you through the process of creating your own podcast with minimum effort and zero equipment needed. All you need is your laptop and/or your phone.

Thanks to Podcastle’s AI-powered tools and features you can easily remove noise and silences, add intros and outros, and music to your recordings – no reason not to try considering podcasting for your promotion strategy.

#8. Links to other external content

Another way to promote a blog is by inserting external links to other professionals’ blogs. Now I explain why.

Some time ago, this was very measured, it seemed that if you appointed several professionals in your sector, you would not only lose users but you would also lose link juice (transfer of authority)

This is not the case, and it is becoming more and more natural.

If you are writing content and while you are doing it, an article that you have read or a professional that fits perfectly with what you are recommending in your article comes to mind, put a link to their site.

To what end? Well, very simple, in my case, I do not force the links, only if they fit me when I read interesting blogs and check that they are not all Dofollow (it depends on several factors).

The purpose is that if you have linked to that person and they see that you have done it through the results of the Google search console, for example, it is very likely that they share that content.

#9. Expand the network of contacts and do Networking

Connect, make contacts with colleagues in the sector, not only by sharing their articles, as I just told you now, interact with them personally and professionally.

I guarantee that friendships and professional agreements can be made in daily contact.

Networking is essential. Attending events is still very necessary to learn and meet personally those people you meet online and others who have not arrived.

#10. Promote your personal brand

Your content is very good, I do not say no, but even though Google is increasingly paying more attention to articles that provide real value, I can assure you that today there are post up the whole and do not move but has two years of antiquity.

Before, they said that content is king, now that it is the user for me still at the moment, it is the authority.

It is not like before. With good strategic work, you can reach good positions in Google, but it is still hard to overcome referents who have a domain with great authority. On the one hand, it is logical. They have worked a lot to be there.

There is no other; we must continue working to overcome them. I am not saying that they are a bad post by no means, but you can sometimes see that others who are behind contribute much more to the user.

Even if your article includes 30 videos, 15 infographics, four podcasts, and you do a good on-page and off-page SEO, you will not overcome them until you gain authority, and this is only achieved with work.

If you do not believe in your project, nobody will do it. You have to create something good, spend all your efforts to do it, the dissemination will be much easier with a good value content behind, and the best way is to show it in all the ways you have to your reach, take advantage of them.

If you do everything following order and being patient, you will find a way for your content and your brand to be recognized. Now tell me, what media do you use to promote your content? Share it and leave me a comment!

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