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How to Get Content Ideas and Create Catchy Titles for Your WordPress Blog

Get Content Ideas
After you’ve completed the difficult phase of setting up a blog, you’d think that from here on in, things would go smoothly. All you need to do now is focus on regularly uploading posts to your website, so as to stay relevant and engage your audience.

You already have a clear understanding of what your blog will be about so, creating content should be no big deal.

Then, you open Microsoft Word to get started and it dawns on you that it’s easier said than done. Ideas just aren’t forthcoming – and even if you do come up with a great one, you’re stuck on finding a catchy headline.

Headlines are very important, as they determine whether people will be interested enough to click and read your article.

Bloggers often neglect or treat nonchalantly this part of writing and subsequently end up wondering why they’re not attracting enough readers.

Finding content ideas and creating catchy titles are two aspects of blogging that often plague many writers. However, you won’t lack ideas for blog content ever again if you use the clever techniques listed here.

How to Get Content Ideas

Success in your online marketing or ‘pleasure blogging’ demands that you create compelling content that makes you stand out from your competitors. These tips will make the job easier for you:

How to Create Catchy Titles

For your blog post to rise above the crowded online space, your headlines should contain SEO header tags and the appropriate keywords. Writing an effective and compelling blog title is not always an easy thing to do, but these tips can help you improve:

While you’re making efforts to improve the visibility of your blog, ensure the name of your blog is not watering down your hard work. Creative blog names influence people to visit your blog. follow these tips and your slick blog name will be ready for use in no time.

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