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How to Create Your Own Customized Short URL for Your Blog

Links are the integral part when it comes to social media promoting. People now days, have added a lot more information to the link for describing the content itself, resulting in link getting longer.

It’s clear that search engines take keywords from URL into account in maintaining the rankings, thus improving SEO but the advantages URL shortening offers are certainly more valuable than its disadvantages.

It may happen that you are losing out on visitor count just because of those long, ugly looking URL’s. Let’s discuss What is URL shortening in detail? I will cover its need, some best websites offering them and how to integrate within WordPress with an example? So, let’s begin.

What is URL Shortening?

URL (Universal Resource Locator) shortening is a method in which length of your URL is shortened by simple tools, still pointing to the same web page. Here we apply HHTP redirect on the shortened domain name linking to the web page having long URL.

Pros of having a shortened URL

A quick list of websites offering URL shortening

There are hundreds of websites offering URL shortening; I have just listed few of the best from Twitter usage. There is another way out too. You can buy a short domain name and make it your primary one. Let’s discuss how to create your own customized URL for your WordPress blog with I am using bitly because of its good integration with WordPress making your short URL’s easy to share and make them trackable too.

Step1: Buy your own short domain name

Register for a new domain name which is pretty shorter than the original one. There are many tools and websites on the internet that will help you out. One of them is Just type the keywords you want in your domain name and it will give you nice suggestions for your short domain name.

Step2: SignUp for bitly account

Go to and register over there. Click Settings under the Brand Options. Click on Advanced Settings then add your branded domain name there.

Step3: Setting up DNS

Copy the DNS from and add the IP address to your domain provider’s website. Go back to bitly and verify it.

Step4: Install WP bitly plugin

In your WordPress admin area, install the WP bitly plugin and then activate it. To be able to connect to bitly site, we need to configure the plugin. Take the password from bitly (or Oauth token) and copy paste it in your WordPress plugin and save them. Now you are all set to generate custom URL’s for your blog. This plugin will also keep an account of the click count data and from which websites the traffic is getting generated.

So, now you will be able to create and customize your short URL. If you don’t want so much work, then just visit any of the URL shortening website.

They will provide a text box where you can paste your long URL and that’s It!!! Your short URL gets generated within few milliseconds.

But you need to be very careful about the expiry time of the short URLs. Some websites provide no expiry while some have. If you want complete account of your traffic and click count, you can rely on GOOGLE and BITLY.
Start making money from your short links.

Just post your blog’s link to Facebook, Twitter, emails, other social networking sites etc and with every click see the money rolling down into your account. More the clicks, more is the cash. Good Luck!!!

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