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How to Create a Custom Form in WordPress

How to create a custom form in Word Press
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Nowadays, many new users to WordPress creating custom form through custom web application development could be unapproachable.

But create a form on WordPress is not difficult. There are three reasons why creating a custom form on WordPress is better than pasting emails on the page, and that is;

Spam protection: When you post emails directly to the website, you will receive many spam emails with those emails. But with the use of custom form created on WordPress will help you get rid of spam emails.

Consistent information: People, while emailing doesn’t send you all the information you need, but with the customs form created on WordPress will help the users to have the information they exactly want.

Time-saving: Custom form helps you save time as the consistent information given above allows users to know what steps are coming next how to follow those steps.

There are some important steps given below that will help you to create a custom form on WordPress;

Choosing the best contact form plugin

In this process, the first thing you need to know is to choose the best contact form plugin. Some paid WordPress contact form plugin you can choose from, and WPForms are the best options to use in the market. There are some reasons why WPForms are the best

Install a contact form plugin WordPress

For this step, there will be WPForms lite because it’s free and easy to use. You can install the plugin through logging in to WordPress, and there is an option “plugins” and then “add new.”

Create a contact form in WordPress

After activation of WPForms, you have already created a form in WordPress. In your WordPress, click on the menu and add new it will open a perform, then you have to start giving the contact form a name and select the template. WPForms Lite comes with pre-built like simple contact form etc.

Configuring form notification and confirmations

After creating the WordPress form, the first thing you have to do properly configure form notification and confirmation. The confirmation is what the visitors see after the submission of the form.

It can be a thank you message or directly to the special page. Form notification is received when the form is submitted to the WordPress. Customization of WPForms can also be done from the builders.

The best thing about the WPForms is that it has ideal default settings for the beginners. There is a detailed guide on how to custom form notification on you can send to different departments

Adding WordPress contact form in the page

When you are doing configuring the WordPress form, then you have to add it to the page. The first thing you need to do is create a new page or edit the existing one to add the contact form.

First, you have to do is click the button on top of WPForms builder there will be shortcode copy that shortcode for your newly created form.

If you have no contact page already then go to WordPress dashboards and create a new page for yourself and paste the copied shortcode on that page.

Add Form button you can use in your WordPress editor to add forms. Then hit the publish button then contact page will be fully functioned and you can run it on your blog.

Could you take it to the next level?

Free versions of WPForms are enough to create the simple custom form, but you shouldn’t stop when you can create other forms of all the types like signup forms. Email forms, with the use of the same plugin.

WPForms premium can make you have more plugins and also access the collection of advanced fields and other templates of forms. With the help of unlimited entries, you can create unlimited forms and multi-page forms.

You can then participate with the third-party services that include constant contact, PayPal, stripe and many other forms.

There are some more advanced features like digital signatures that lead to partial form entries. WPForms premium prices start with$39 per year and have 14 days money-back guarantee.

Plugin usage

For the implementation of the plugin in WordPress, pages use the shortcode, which is mentioned above. This is for the registration of a specific part of the theme to add the template.

Success page

This is the page you can use after submission messages. WordPress can also be used for this purpose. Create a WordPress page and give it a title, for example, “success page”.

Whatever title you give it should match with the page bullet “success page” or whatever the title you have given in the header.

Adding WordPress contact form sidebar

WPForms come with a WordPress contact form that can be added to the sidebar. WordPress admin area, go to Appearance the widgets. There are WPForms widgets, and it can be easily dragged to the widget-ready areas of the theme.


This article will help you create a simple form in the WordPress. You can also compare the best WordPress backup and guide on fixing WordPress, not sending email issues.

You have realized that creating a custom form is not a complicated process, especially when you pick the right plugin. If you are using the old contact form plugin on the blog, then you have to consider an upgrade.

And the most browsed or you can say used plugins are Pro Managed WordPress Hosting, and basic WordPress shared hosting. The largest free WordPress site is WPBeginner founded by Syed Balkhi, with over 10 years of experience.

He is known as the WordPress expert in the industry and this website helps a lot of people who wants to learn about WordPress.

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