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How to Convert Your WordPress Site into a Mobile App

Building an app is the most convenient thing for customers. Using smartphones and different types of apps helps customers to interact correctly. All thanks to the internet because apps are blooming. Previously. Businesses find it hard financially to design the app because the demand is high, and so is the price. But today, the picture is different; they do not need more money, and the coding knowledge is additional to build any app.

Steps to know how to convert WordPress Site to a mobile app:

1. Choose a mobile-ready WordPress theme- WordPress’s modern themes are responsive. It means that the theme will shift the site and its layout per the device and then use it on the website. But if the website on WordPress is not optimized for mobile devices, then you must optimize it. If the website is not responsive, then plugins help. It is an intelligent approach where the plugin will help you detect the mobile browser and then display the specific theme as per the mobile browser. The other features of the plugin are Bookmarking the QR code, varied device homepage, clicking and calling a phone number and many more.

2. WordPress App Builder- using an app builder plugin is responsive, and they are easy to compare to build the app, even include intuitive options, and make it possible for non-developers to build an app.

3. Using service to create an app
The previous methods are affordable and straightforward. You need to install the theme and the plugin. You cannot do it yourself if you want a more customized option for your website. For this, you need to hire a developer who will offer the service and then create the app that is the best bet. The price of the Secure ReactJS Web Development service depends on how fancy and customization you want. Your investment is logical if the app is crucial for monetization strategy. There are different developers, but you must read the reviews to find out who is the best and who will give you authentic service.

WordPress website is unique, and hence the app should be excellent too. With the 3rd-party service, you will get the following:

How to match the WordPress theme?

  1. Sync the app design and website. Choose the color theme that perfectly matches the website experience and layout.
  2. You will have complete control of the creative app. It will help you design the interactive home screen and ensure frictionless app navigation with smooth content.
  3. As you build the app, you can preview the app and then monitor the progress on a real-time basis with the multiple previews with emulators and then you can see how responsive the app is to stimulate the environment.

How will users love your WordPress apps?

Guest browsing option- do not force the customers to register. It would help if you gave them the control accessibility and even enabled the guest user to browse the app contents, and you do not have to sign up or register with the app.

Multilingual app- You must ask the users to choose from different languages in the mobile app. You can translate the app to the website’s default language and allow users to change it anytime. Users from other parts check out the website if it is available in different languages.

Custom post support- All businesses cannot choose to post generic content. One can get help for the customization and then build any of the apps. It makes a different approach to the website, and customers get what they want.

Easy discovery- you have to keep everything within reach of the user. It will increase the conversation and engagement. The content must be discoverable with the option of intelligent search on the app.

Allow sharing- you can share anything and everything on the app with the entire world. You must add the share link and even allow the users to share the app on its go.

Enable social login- you can give signup and login options to the users and make them happy with effortless onboarding.

Best templates for WordPress websites to turn into the apps

Bestseller universal- it allows the developers so you can create the app for any purpose that uses the template and the dedicated layout with the different layout designs for other contents. It has a configure tool that one can use for content definition, and there is no need to use any single code. It is a template with all the built-in features to give the best head start.

WebViewGold- it wraps the web-based and the content of local HTML content into the native iOS and android app. It does not need any coding or plugins. It is an app that supports all kinds of web apps and websites, including PHP, WordPress and HTML.

Web2App- it is a perfect template with all the features in the pack to make it a powerful custom with seven layout options, and you can choose the theme of your choice. It helps you create your own brand identity. It has comprehensive documentation with the video tutorial and with step-wise instructions. It makes the job easy, and you even turn the WordPress website into a perfect app.

RocketWeb- it is an android-based app that comes with a large number of configurations, and you do not learn any programming language so that you can make the changes for the better. There is a wide selection of many themes and different color schemes to choose from. It even supports the RTL view with a dynamic menu slide and offers push notifications. It is a perfect theme that will help your mobile app stand out, giving a better app view and making things work perfectly.

Web to App- it can easily convert the App that uses the template drags and the web view drop. It is a universal app builder that combines the web view with all the incredible features so one can create the web app and feel native with less effort. One can load the content from the local files and even localize the use of an inbuilt editor of HTML. The good thing is that the App, for permission, stores users’ locations and data. It makes the App helpful and friendly to use with all the features perfect for giving the best view of the mobile App.


What are you waiting for? If you want that your website gets a significant transformation in the mobile App, then this is the perfect solution. You will get the best response, making a perfect solution, and the number of visitors will increase. Today, people love to use smartphones, so having a mobile app for your business is fruitful. It gives you a better understanding of customer retention and how effectively it understands the business and needs of the customers. The mobile apps are incredible to use among the customers and fulfil all their basic needs. It even comes in handy for the users.

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