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How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform in 2023?

Finally decided to go online and mark your presence!!! But are you in a fix on deciding which platform to use for blogging? Here this article is all about clearing your doubts and guiding you accordingly.

The first question.. What is a blog and what is it for? A blog is just a conversational and informal type of webpage, regularly updated by an individual and the posts are displayed in reverse chronological order.

Blog can be about anything, cooking, sports activities, love stories, daily experiences etc. The page you are reading is in fact a blog!!! Blogging indeed a great way to interact with the world at a personal level.

The blogging is not adding flashy images or posting some viral videos or content. It is all about writing and experience (knowledge) sharing. If you are a novice, than you have to find a perfect blogging platform first.

You want to go for free ones or paid ones? How you want to extend your blog in future? There are some questions still popping in your mind. Let’s go deeper

Parameters to decide a blogging platform

Top Blogging Platforms in 2023

Winding up

Although there are number of platforms available online, the one which fits into all categories is WordPress. Not because of a robust and powerful platform which WordPress offers but because of it’s built in SEO support and awesome customer support.

You have the full control over the site. WordPress is unbeatable in terms of affordability, ease of use and future expansion of your website.

But still, choose one which fits in your pocket as well as your requirements. Good Luck and happy Blogging.

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