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Should You Go with Conversational UI for Your WordPress Website?

Conversational UI

Many business owners use WordPress to publish their websites and get their businesses online. While WordPress web designs are beautiful and very flexible in terms of the customisations which they offer, but you can increase your business prospects by adding a few simple tweaks.

Adding a Conversational UI is just one such important addition which you can put on your WordPress website’s design. This incorporation will make your business-friendly to your users and make it more helpful in real time.

In this article, you will learn about how you can use Conversational UI to your WordPress website to increase business growth.

Conversational UI

Conversational UI is mainly chatbots which process language in a very natural manner as though you were messaging with a fellow human being. These are typical in current technologies, like for instance computers, various websites and also mobile applications.

It is made in a way which requires users to click onto multiple icons and links so that they can get their computers to do almost anything.

It is not natural or like any human-like form of communication, although by now we might be quite used to using them and know what to expect from them.

Conversational UIs make the switch into a human mode of communication almost like when a human has a regular, daily conversation with other humans.

Presently, the two most popular ways of engaging with such conversational UIs are through actual speaking or speech, as in Amazon’s Alexa or by chatting and texting with a chatbot, like Facebook’s Messenger app. In this post, we will focus on chatbots where people have to use texting to communicate.

Are conversational UIs good for your WordPress?

Human beings are much more efficient when they can converse with one another than when they are using technology.

It is more natural and also more innate. When you are speaking with your friend or even a stranger, you can easily rectify yourself if you say anything confusing or erroneous.

Conversational UIs has to be such that they will allow your user to correct their mistakes if they happen to type in something incorrect or misspell.

Conversational UIs will help to make your site feel more interactive for your user. They can think that they have everything ready in case they should require anything.

It can be a constant live customer care option to help them with their browsing experience. You must test this feature many times on real users before you put it on your website.

The UI has to be designed in a way that it is simplistic and not confusing or overwhelming for the user. You can put the chat box in the lower right corner of your homepage or you can put it on the lower right corner of every page on your website.

It ensures that the user will feel that there is always someone to help them when they feel the need for outside help. You can program all possible queries and their answers on your chat bot’s intelligence.

Facebook and Messenger are great examples

Today multiple companies use chatbots to communicate with people. It may seem that real human beings are talking with you message various businesses via Facebook, but the reality is that most of the times it is bots.

The design of these bots has to be user-friendly so that it does not deter the user from using them.

Colour and Design

The colour of the chatbot must be something not too bright or bold. You can use a simple white box with ash or a blue border. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand with clear buttons and signs.

In your overall web design and WordPress experience, the conversational UI has to be efficiently integrated.
The colour of the chatbot must enhance the overall design of the website. You can visit a professional SEOMarketer SEO to get all the solutions for your SEO problems on your WordPress website. They can take care of the SEO part, ensuring that your site gets the best possible ranking on the search engines.

Conversational UI is an essential part of today’s web design for business websites. The design is designed to improve and enhance the user experience. Thus it must always be simple at its very core.

This feature will add to the interactive nature of your WordPress website. It will ease out technology for your business processes while integrating your followers with your site and business to a new level.

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