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Get a SEO Professional to Help Efficient Design of Your WordPress Website

You have heard of several of your blogger friends starting their blogs on WordPress. What you might not know, however, is that WordPress has also evolved to become the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used to create websites of all kinds, not just host blogs. Almost one in every four sites today is hosted on WordPress. We would want to know why.

We spoke a little while ago of the different plugins that WordPress provides, which make the website design easier and makes the website more useful to both webmaster and user. Let us take a quick look at the most useful plugins that WordPress offers for web design :

  1. SEO Plugin (Yoast): This plugin by Yoast is the top plugin used by web designers to make the website friendlier to search engines. Not only does it enhance the RSS feeds of the site, but it has several other useful features to optimize the content on your website.
  2. Open Graph: This plugin plugs into the power of social media to power your website’s effectiveness. It can allow you to add metadata from Facebook for any of your posts there.
  3. Hello Bar: Your webpage would have several pages, but from a transactional point of view you might be more interested in viewers visiting and spending time on certain pages. The Hello Bar at the top of your page allows you to do just that.
  4. Content Copy Protection: You have put in a lot of time and effort to create a unique website that you believe will draw in users and encourage them to use your website. But there are hundreds of people out there who won’t think twice before copying the content of your site. This plugin has the capability of some of the common ways in which we copy text, like drag and drop, or right click, or hold to copy.
  5. SEO Crawlytics: You would always want to make your website very friendly to search engines. But it would be more useful to you if you could also know which the search engines that visited your website were. This can help you make changes to your site accordingly. Different statistics and analysis like peak crawl times, most crawled this plugin provides pages, crawl history and more.

These are just five plugins we named as an example, but there are several more from WordPress which can be used on your website.

We spoke about the ease of use of WordPress, and also about the presence of plugins which make web design simpler and more efficient.

There are enough resources for someone to build their websites. But sometimes, it is a better idea to give the work of web design and web development to a professional search latest website design trends who can do your job for you, while you can spend your time and energy on building and growing your business.

Jack Dowson Author

Jack Dowson is a respected Lowell MA SEO Expert who has been advising individuals and corporates in this area, and beyond, for years now. He is self-taught, but you might not believe that if you see the great depth of understanding, he has developed about the world of SEO.

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