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White Bar Overlayed on Resources Icons

We are currently using The Church, Pro version 1.2 on our main website. We added a new resource for people and added an icon to the resources section of our main page. Unfortunately, now that icon and the one next to it have a white bar overlayed over top the icons. Here is the code in our theme settings: [subtitle align="center" size="16px" color="#ffffff" description="Resources by our (Pr|T)eaching Team"][sermons_link icon="fas fa-video" link="" target="_blank"][sermons_link icon="fab fa-leanpub" link="/category/discussion-series" target=""][sermons_link icon="fas fa-file-pdf" link="/category/resources/sermon-notes/" target=""][sermons_link icon="far fa-newspaper" link="/category/our-blog/" target=""] You can see the problem by scrolling down to the relevant section on our homepage at How do I get rid of this white bar?
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