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Several issues please

1) When accessing my website on an iPhone/safari; the menu button isn´t visible because the top bar is Black. How do I change that? 2) My menu at the top is very Wide. I want it smaller, so there isn´t a lot of waste space. 3) If I insert logo in the logo space, the Picture will be on top of the menu, making this imposible to access. 4) After developing my website on the free version, I bought the PRO version to see if it would solve these issues. But when I changed to PRO version all my settings was lost, and I Got the themes settings with pictures and slides. I then went back to the free version and now all material in the footers was gone! I have now made the website as I wished. But I am disepointed in the PRO version that I bought. It doesn´t excactly add value to my site. Can You please help me? I need this fixed Monday to meet my scheduling. Thank you Gitte
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