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Section 11 Gallery

Hi, when you set in Section 11 [photogallery filter="true" show="8"] it will show only 8 pictures. That is Ok for "ALL" but not for "Gallery Category". Example: You have 3 "Gallery Categorys" with 3 x 4 pictures (every category have 4 pictures) all categories are show but 1 category is empty. This is because i have set show="8". But 8 is a good size only for "ALL" not for the categories because it looks like an empty categories. But it is not empty. It is better to show only 8 in "ALL" and show all pictures in category. In your demo there is no problem because you dont have more pictures and 1 picture is in several categories. Create for CORPORATE, DIGITAL & FASHION 3 x 4 pictures (12 pictures) and you will see the problem :-) Greetings from germany...
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