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Problem with Related Posts and Contact Us

Hi, I have a question about I've had a problem with the Related Posts section for a while and the Contact Us page. Unfortunately, I did not register exactly when they appeared to give you more extensive information. The site is bilingual, Bulgarian and English, the main language being Bulgarian and the problems are more visible there. Related publications in the English version overlap separate fields on top of one another and the end of the section is not normal. In the Bulgarian version, the view is even worse and no icons for social networks are visible. In the Contact Us page, the English version of the map is visible, but the Related Posts are displayed in the same distorted way as in other publications and pages. In the Bulgarian version there is only a black box on the map. If that had any meaning, I had to switch from hosting PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.0, since on PHP 7.2 the site stopped working altogether. Something may have happened to an update, but I didn't notice it immediately, I can't say for sure. Anyway, some time ago everything on the site and the theme worked normally for several years and in general - the theme and your work is great !!! I use qTranslate-X for multi language support. Can you give me a hand? Please!
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