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Hi, 2. Latest Church News ------------------ How do I add a View More button in the Latest Church news properly. I added the below [latest-news showposts="3" date="show" author="show"][clear][button align="center" name="View More" link="/wordpress/news/" target=""][column_content][/column_content] But the View More button bottom is overlapping the next section. I wanted a vertical space below the button and the next section. 2. Upcoming Event Countdown Section -------------------------------- I wanted to add a hyperlink to the event so if the user clicks on the text "Walking on the right way toward God" it takes the user to the link related to the event. How can I do that? 3. Why Our Church? ---------------- I know I asked this before. For the "Why Our Church?" I wanted to have only 3 sections in the middle. It was going to the side when I remove one entry. As of now it is locally on my system where I am doing the editing . Can you help me? Regards
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