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Pictures of Services box for frontpage

My question refers to images in four service boxes on the frontpage of In the current state banner of these four pages use the upper part of the Featured image on the relevant page. This Featured picture is usually in proportions 4x5 or something (300х240px). Banner on the other hand, has a panoramic ratio of 1: 8 or something (eg 1420x287px). In this situation as banner displayed a small part of the top page of the Featured image, where there may not be much or nothing. Anyway it is inappropriate part of picture. My question is: is there a possibility banners on these four pages for service boxes to be independent of the Featured image? I.e. I would like there to put appropriate for the service panoramic images other than those in the main image and which are prepared to be panoramic. Another option for these pages is to be similar as publications template with sidebar - standard banner for each publication on top, under it title, under the title - Featured image and text. Regards, Tony
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