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In the gallery section, the default images are LARGER than the size of the image previews when you click on each image. How do I reverse that? In the gallery, there should be thumbnails and then when you click on each image it pops up a larger rotating gallery that theme currently has but larger....the size of it is great for mobile but not desktop. Can someone PLEASE assist here? On a personal note - official tech/customer support ABSOLUTELY IS AWEFUL on this site - they claim the following: "We offer free installation, setup and theme customization without any other extra charge." - but when you ask for assistance in customization THEY REFUSE and IGNORE your request - ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! I have had to figure 90% of the customization out on my own - they were of ZERO help. THANK YOU FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! YOU HAVE TAKEN MY MONEY! GOOD FOR YOU!
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