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Latest News Posts Display Problem

On my site I have the latest news section on the front page set up as follows: [latest-news showposts="5" comment="hide" date="show" author="hide"] However, the post summaries are displaying strangely. The first 3 display across the page, as expected, and post 4 displays below post 1, as expected, but the 5th post summary displays below post #4 instead of next to it as I thought it would. At this point I only have a grand total of 6 posts on the site. In other words the posts are displaying like this: Post1 Post2 Post3 Post4 Post5 How can I get them to display as expected? Post1 Post2 Post3 Post4 Post5 Post6 If it makes a difference, I do have one post marked as "sticky" which doesn't show in the latest news section, but does display as expected, at the top of the list of posts on our What's Happening blog post page. Thanks.
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