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Hello!.. And let me just say…

Hello! And please let me begin by saying... What an amazing collection of modern, elegant and clean WP templates you guys have here!.. These are the best by far that I have seen. Now to my question... I downloaded the template Rich Store, and downloaded the date too like it said in your documentation. I thought I was going to get an exact mirror image of the site for me to only edit. My domain is this... - and I do have my menu but thats it. I know I am not a customer as of yet but want too but I need to know first if I can edit and play with this template to fully commit to buy it. Can you send me the details on how to get the complete template on my site? I also have to mention, that I am also new to WP but I think that Im getting it covered. Oh, And and very important question is... Will this work also with WooCommerce and WZone??? I ask because I am going to be importing Amazon products via WZone as an affiliate. Well I hope that you can help me with my questions. Thank you again Francisco T Jr. P. S. If I can get my site up and running I would love to submit it here to ur showcase too!!!
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