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Google ads not fully displaying

I know this sounds like I should contact Google but I am not so sure. Let me start by saying I am using google ads on several of my websites, all implemented exactly the same with the same code, no problems. I have tried using their auto ads, responsive ads, and fixed size ads, all have the same result. When you look at the page with ads on it, the ads show up about 75% of the way. By this I mean the right side and bottom are slightly cut off. The size of the ad does not matter, you get about the same percentage of the ad displayed and the same percentage cut off. Even the adsense ad over on the sidebar in a widget does the same thing. Ads by other vendors such as one through CJ from Tiger Direct, and a responsive Amazon ad do not have this problem. I have read somewhere about it possibly having something to do with google being displayed using iframe and some CSS telling all iframes to display at a percentage reduction but I have no idea what all that means. Ideas?
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