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Developers: You need spelling checkers

Guys, I really wish you'd spend some time proofreading your code, fixing silly spelling mistakes, and making sure you have a native English speaking person go over everything. I mean, for example: "abput us text description for footer" This is supposed to be "About Us text description for footer". Notice the capitalization of About Us (since that's the section you're dealing with, you capitalize it). "abput us text title for footer" This is supposed to be "About Us text title for footer". "Footre Text Link" This is supposed to be "Footer text link" I mean, I paid a lot of money for these themes! The least you could do is a final spelling and grammar check. Some of the errors I see, throughout the theme, are just careless, and with just a few more minutes of time, they could all be remedied. Please fix these and all the other errors and update your theme. Thank you.
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