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Church Theme – several questions

Hi I got my site working, but have a few questions, see 1) Home page does not respect Settings-Reading-YourHomePageDisplays, ie whether set to "Your latest posts" or "A static page" (in my case a Test Page) the /welcome page won't display, just redirects to the home page. It had been set as /welcome but I cannot change it back! 2) How can I add links ( ) within the content of a section? I've tried the subtitle and aboutme shortcodes. a) can I remove the gap of icon if I use the aboutme shortcode? 3) Is it possible to change the Heading of the /our-team page to read "Our team" or "Meet our team"? currently says "Archives" which isn't very meaningful 4) Home page sections don't display until the user scrolls, so testers have missed content. 5) Featured Images, don't display in at the top of pages, although the help says they will Many thanks Jonathan
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