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Adding custom HTML/shortcodes to the “Top Left Grow” section

The “Top Left Grow” section of the Prayer Pro theme is stripping out HTML. This makes it impossible to add paragraphs, graphics, lines, links, shortcode, etc. I see on your demo site that you have two paragraphs before the button. I’ve tried every which way to do this, and it simply strips away all HTML. Please advise. I had to have you do this once before, but I was forced to reinstall the theme last week due to a glitch with an addon. If you could let me know what file I need to edit, and what the edit is, it'd be easier than bugging you every time I need this fixed. I'd like to add the [searchform] to this section, since there is no good way to add it to the top of the page (you need to add a search form to the right of the social icons!) and I don't have a better place to put it.
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