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Reply To: Header image and custom logo height

Hi Andrei, Thanks for using Bizweb WordPress theme and also thanks for your appreciation. 1) the 'Header image' doesn’t work in PRO theme. If you want to use header image, please make some changes in header.php file and inc/custom-header.php file Go to Appearance -> Editor -> inc/custom-header.php at line no 38 you will find the .innerbanner123{ now just rename it with .header{ Go to Appearance -> Editor -> header.php at line no 152, comment/remove the below code //echo '<img src="'.esc_url( $header_image ).'" width="'.get_custom_header()->width.'" height="'.get_custom_header()->height.'" alt="" />'; 2. To manage the logo height from Basic Settings Go to Appearance -> Editor -> functions.php after line no. 303 find below code
if( of_get_option('bodyfontsize',true) != ''){
	echo "body{font-size:".of_get_option('bodyfontsize',true)."}";
Now add below code after the above code
if( of_get_option('logoheight', true) != ''){
	echo ".logo img { height:".of_get_option('logoheight', true)."px;}";
Now Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Basic Settings -> Set Logo height -> and click on Save Options button If you are finding any difficulties in doing this changes, please send your website URL and WordPress admin login details for temporary so we quickly can make changes in your website. Please check and let me know your feedback. Regards Grace Themes
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