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ok. Thanks 1. I cann`t place header H1 tag after H2 tag. As Y know, first main slider have 3 H2 headers. I try to change 1st header on the 1st slide in the index-default.php like the text below, but nothing has changed in the page code. Where can I replace H2 to H1 ? index-default.php <div class="slider-main"> <div id="slider" class="nivoSlider"> /images/slides/slider1.jpg" alt="" title="#slidecaption1"/> </div> <div id="slidecaption1" class="nivo-html-caption"> <div class="custominfo"> <h1>Natural Healthy Foods</h1> <p>Cras metus quam, condimentum ut venen rutrum ediam. Sed vehicula at r quis fringnull lobortis fermentum dignissim.</p> VIEW MORE SERVICES </div><!-- .custominfo --> </div><!-- #slidecaption --> </div><!-- .slider-main -->
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