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Reply To: I can't configure a second language for static page

I could, but I wouldn't want to ;-) In any case, I like your theme PowerClub so much that I might put up with the monolingual first static page at first, while someone else figures out how to do it if you don't want to - I'm not a programmer. Here is a screenshot of the difference in loading the site with qTranslate-XT and Polylang. Also, when I have qTranslate-XT there are problems with the SEO that I don't see how I can solve - for example because both languages ​​are in the same document - I have to be able to address the same document to completely different target groups of people, even from different countries - metadata problems start, etc. But even only the difference in loading speed itself is impressive, and I have been struggling with the low loading speed for several years and I have done everything possible to speed up the site - image optimization, delayed loading, gzip compression and what not - the sensitive difference appeared first time when I changed qTranslate-XT with Polylang. Polylang also has drawbacks and difficulties in the beginning due to a completely different principle of operation, but I guess they will clear up over time, since Polylang is one of the most used plug-in for this purpose. The transition to it was not easy either, but the result is worth it.
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