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Reply To: Shortcodes

Yes, I seen them at the begining - these shortcodes, thank you. I mean, did there is some more detailed documentation about them, their parameters, when and where they working and when - no, what requirements have to correct their work and what these shortcodes do. I know that documentation is the most unpleasant job for every programmer, just wondering if there is any further ;-) - so I do not worry you about any problem, usually stupid ;-). I asked, because some of these short codes do not work in all places - for example <hr> does not work in "Our coaches." WordPress automatically erased nearly all HTML-tags I would like to use. But some of the tags does not erase - such as <i>. HTML-tags also includes in this question, because their action for sure are influenced by the theme PowerClub - in other themes work. I.e. cause to be deleted is not in itself Wordpress. Probably has CSS code that I could use to fulfill my desires, but I do not know what. Of course, the reason is not in you, but in my ignorance and not blame you for anything, I just hope my notes to help you make your themes even more beautiful and accessible to all users. Thank you for the great support at that time!
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