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Reply To: Load Images For Gallery

This is super frustrating! I created all my Gallery Categories ( Gallery > Category) and set a title and featured image for each. NOW when I go to ADD IMAGE and select the category which I want it to be added to the only thing that happens is that it keeps adding new gallery card image placeholder this is how I created > I used the Add New to Create a Gallery Card "placeholder" for each Category I created and set a Featured Image NOW I want to add multiple images to each gallery I selected All images > Add New > Added an image/title, selected the image (featured image) and then ticked the category box for the gallery category I wanted it added to The only thing it does is ADD new Gallery Card Categories, I see no way to add multiple images to a specific gallery category. Here is a link (it will expire) that you can use to preview the gallery page In this example I wanted the first/left most "Chapel Christmas" to be added to the Chapel Gallery and Christmas Holy Name Gallery. I selected both of those categories when I added and saved the image. All I can get the Gallery feature to do is continually ADD new Gallery cards which is not what I want to happen. Please advise.
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