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Five Steps to Take When Creating a New Blog Logo

Logo design creation is exceedingly important for businesses across the globe. This is because of the cut-throat competition in the market, where more and more businesses are venturing every day.

And since customers usually have the attention span of a goldfish when they are looking for products and services, it is necessary to create a logo which they will always remember and associate with good quality and reliability.

Studies show that even when people do not remember the name of a newly-launched business, they recognise the brand through its logo. That’s the reason why companies spend thousands of dollars to create the perfect logo for their company, service, or brand, so that it can be remembered by people and, at the same time, convey the company’s brand values.

Big businesses always try to come up with a brand logo which can be easily recognized by the customers and avoid complications. Successful logos are mostly simple in their design so that customers do not mix them up with another company’s logo.

Akin to large companies, brand, and services, creating a logo for one’s blog is also extremely important. This is because unlike the actual market where people can physically go and examine products or inquire about services, the world of the Internet is ephemeral in nature.

Most people open a number of tabs when browsing websites, and once they close a tab, they forget which website or blog they had visited.

For this reason, it’s very important to create a logo for one’s new blog so that people can immediately recognize it. However, as easy as it may sound, creating a new logo for one’s blog is not so simple.

Using Online Design Tools to Create an Amazing Logo Design

When it comes to the actual logo design process, there are many different options to choose from. Some of the most common are to design a logo yourself or to hire an outside freelancer or design agency.

While these might seem like the right option, they can actually be quite expensive, or not provide you with the professional logo designs you are looking for.

A better option might be to explore what’s currently available online through in-browser design tools. We’ve all seen how artificial intelligence is quickly changing the way we live our live and do business in the world today. Surprisingly, it’s also changing the world of website and logo design as well.

To see this in action, head over to this Ai-powered logo maker that can literally create an unlimited supply of logo design drafts in just seconds. Even better, there is no human-to-human contact in place, which means this can dramatically drive down the associated costs, while also making a timely and effective task in the process.

The way this tool works is simple. The user only needs to input their company or brand name to get started, then go on to select a few example designs that they like, and a couple icons and colors that might fit nicely in their new logo as well.

Using all of this information, the design tool will then provide the user with a bunch of draft logo designs to look through. Once the user finds one they like, they can buy the rights to that logo for a small fee, while also being able to download a wide range of file formats and sizes as well.

A Simple 5-Step Process to Creating a Winning Brand Identity

The process of designing a great company logo and brand identity requires a lot of brainstorming, market research, time, money, and hard work — even if you are going to use an online design maker like the one mentioned above from Designhill. After all, a nicely-designed logo will not only make your blog stand out, but it will also demonstrate professionalism and your commitment to your blog.

If you have a new blog, or if you are planning to launch a new blog but are clueless about where to begin, you have come to the right place. Here are five steps that you must keep in mind when creating a logo for your new blog.

  1. Keep it simple

    When designing a logo for your new blog, keep the principle of ‘less is more’ in mind. This means that simplicity and clarity will be received by the audience in a better way as compared to a jumbled up and convoluted logo design.

    By using simple designs, and the emotions of different colors, the logo for your new blog can be iconic and will be easily recognized by the visitors. So, when you sit with your logo designer to discuss the logo for your new blog, make sure to stick to the principle of simplicity and avoid complicated designs and colors.

  2. Avoid copying other logos

    It goes without saying that copying will not only distort the image of your blog but will also lead to confusion. If you really like another blog’s logo and would like to have something on similar lines, try to understand who the target audience of your blog is and what’s the nature of your blog.

    For example, if your blog is about women’s beauty products, and you want to copy the luxurious-looking logo of a blog dedicated to expensive cars, chances are your logo will fail to impress people and will not be able to convey the purpose and value of your blog.

    Try to be creative and original and tell your logo designer about the demographics of your blog. Also tell your designer about the type of content that you will publish on your blog and let them do the rest.

  3. Keep color scheming in mind

    Different colors convey different messages. It is very important for you to use colors in the logo that complement the overall look and feel of your blog.

    For example, if your blog is about organic products and how they are healthier as compared to other products available on the market shelves, then use colors like white and green that can convey the messages of growth, health, cleanliness, and vitality.

  4. Compare prices and choose the best logo-designing service

    If you are starting a new blog, it’s understandable that you have a limited budget, and you would not like to spend too much money on small things. However, designing the perfect logo for your new blog is as important as designing the website for your blog.

    It’s apparently a small thing but hold a lot of value. There are many logo-designing websites that offer logo-designing services at a reasonable price.

    Compare prices and go for the best price, but do not necessarily rely on cheaper service because it’s about the reputation and recognition of your brand, so quality investment will go a long way.

  5. Be patient

    Logo designing takes time and efforts and requires considerable brainstorming. If your logo designer is taking too much time to come up with a good logo idea for your new blog; or if the logo your designer is creating is not up to your expectation, then be patient and give it some time and effort.

Keep Working on Your Logo Until You Are 100% Happy

Remember that nothing good comes easy, so think about it, give your logo designer clear instructions, and wait for them to do their magic. If you are going to use an online design tool for the logo creation process, keep scrolling through the various designs until you find one you are truly in love with! The result will be worth it!

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