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Easy Guide Generate Traffic to your WordPress Blog

When you operate a WordPress website, it’s important for you to increase traffic (number of visitors) to your site to grow your web presence. There are numerous websites that are already online and several others go online everyday. So, driving traffic to your website takes plenty of time and involves a lot of practice.

Do you update your blog regularly, but still unable to build a strong readership? Are you in a fix as what to do to boost your site’s traffic? Don’t get worried and check out some useful tips mentioned here below using which you can gain expertise in the art of bringing bulk traffic to your site:

  1. Update your blog regularly

    Contents are king in the online marketing. A good quality content, written in easy to understand and plain language and packed with relevant images, facts and figures, audio and video clips, always attract web users. If you publish quality contents regularly on your blog, people become addicted to your contents and thus a huge amount of traffic flows to your blog. Always keep in mind that generating user-friendly contents are a time-consuming work and it requires a lot of research. Take your time and write awesome contents.

  2. Take the help of social Media

    These days, a strong presence of various social media channels is must to grow your online presence in a short span of time. A large number of users remain hyper active on social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus+, Linkedin, Instragram, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. When you update your blog with a new content and share it on all these platforms, it helps you to grab the attention of social media marketing services and they flock to your blog.

  3. Effective SEO practice

    In receive traffic, it’s important for your blog to appear up in the SERPs of Google and other search engines. When your blog ranks up in search engines, you get traffic easily. However, ranking your blog in top 10-20 in Google is not a child’s play. You have to use the best and latest practices of SEO while updating your blog so that search engines may find your blog’s post easily. When you post a content on your blog, ensure the quality of a few things listed here below:

    A. Unique Title
    B. Meta Description
    C. Internal Linking
    D. Proper placement of keywords in your contents.

    When you optimize your blog well, it will get displayed up in Google & other search engines naturally and you will rejoice a huge amount of traffic to your website. Additionally, you can make use of SEO plugins for WordPress to ensure the best optimization of your site and quick amplification of traffic.

  4. Email marketing

    Email marketing is an effective technique to boost your blog’s traffic quickly. There are many web users who don’t land on your blog until and unless they are reminded about it. In order to reach out such vulnerable web users, you need to do effective Email marketing. Just allow your users to subscribe for updates you make on your blog. Whenever you update your blog, they get Email-notification about the new post. It helps them to browse your website regularly and go through new posts.

  5. Be active on Q&A Websites

    There are several Question & Answer sites wherein a lot of web users look for new things. Regular activity on it is one of the most effective practice of SEO that improves the credibility and reputation of your blog. You can share your blog updates on Question & Answer Sites such as, Yahoo answers and others and encourage web users to visit your blog regularly. Additional, regular activity on such websites increases your blog’s viability in Google’s search results.

  6. Guest blogging

    Guest blogging is one of the most important tool to promote your blog quickly and give it a bigger exposure to the limitless world of the Internet. Actually, Guest blogging is an art of getting your articles published on other person’s blogs. It helps you to get quality backlinks, increases your ranking in search engines and generates targeted traffic to your blog. It also improves your content writing skills.

  7. Quick page loading speed

    Web users and search engines, both, hate slow websites. Make sure your site loads fast on all devices such as PC, laptop, mobile devices, IOS, etc. You should reduce the size of your images, remove unused themes and plugins and use cache to increase your site’s speed significantly. A fast loading site will help users to access your site’s contents easily and keep them engaged for a long time.

  8. Use Google Analytics

    To maintain the flow of heavy traffic to your blog, you need to keep an eye on user’s activity on your site. Google Analytics helps you to track visitor’s footfall on site, analyze their behavior and design Internet marketing campaigns to keep them engaged on your site.

  9. Sharing old posts

    Many times, some of your posts go viral on the Internet. You can share them from time-to-time on different social media platforms and get some traffic. Always keep in mind that you need to use this practice very carefully so that user’s may not get fed up the repetition of posts.

  10. Never Give up Easily

    When you use these practices carefully, you witness a sharp increase in your blog’s traffic. You need to maintain the flow of your work on your blog regularly. Several bloggers go in “relax mood” once they start getting traffic to their blog. This is a wrong approach. Just shun it immediately. Always keep in mind that generating traffic to your blog takes time and you have to toil a lot to maintain its flow. So, never give up if you don’t see positive outcome immediately. Be patient and keep on working until you get the desired results.

  11. Get More Traffic With Quora

    One of the most powerful ways to become an authority in your niche and to increase quality traffic to your site is to dominate Quora. Here’s what the founder of Quora says to describe the platform…

    Quora connects you to everything you want to know about. Quora aims to be the easiest place to write new content and share content from the web. We organize people and their interests so you can find, collect and share the information most valuable to you.”

    All you really need to do is find questions that people are asking within your niche and answer them. Of course the key is to make sure you post good answers and where relevant add links to your site. It’s simple but very effective to getting you more traffic.

    Here are some simple steps you can implement to master Quora…

    • Create a Quora account
    • Create an in depth bio
    • Take your time to pick a few relevant categories
    • Search for quality questions where the person has taken the time to ask a thoughtful question
    • Take the time to give a top quality answer and add links to your site where relevant
Round Up

Generating Traffic to your WordPress blog requires a lot of patience and careful use of several practices. If you use the above mentioned trips and trips, you create a havoc of traffic to your blog.

Lucy Barret Author

Lucy Barret is working as a Sr. Web Developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd., a WordPress Development Company. She enjoys writing technical articles on various topics related to WordPress, Web development, Web Design etc.

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