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Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques

SEO is the most used and preferred digital marketing method as it shows effective and efficient results. Companies like Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO services take many steps to improve your reach and website traffic. There are two different types of SEO methods, namely white hat and black hat.

What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO techniques refer to the methods used for increasing the reach of your website that are approved and accepted by the terms and conditions of Google. White hat SEO contrasts with black hat SEO, which uses misleading and/or exploitative practises to boost a website’s search results rating. The processes followed for white hat SEO are based on organic link building and natural methods for attracting traffic.

What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO techniques refer to the method used for the betterment of your website that is not allowed according to the Google guidelines. These methods do not follow the organic way of increasing traffic or attracting a larger audience. Instead, they try finding loopholes in Google’s algorithms working to increase their ranks on the search page.

Properties of white hat SEO:

Properties of black hat SEO:

White hat SEO and Black hat SEO strategies explained –

White hat SEO –

Black hat SEO –

Advantages of white hat SEO

Advantages of black hat SEO

Consequences of black hat SEO


So, white hat SEO is slow and steady on the one hand, but it ensures a healthy ranking to your website. It abides by the policies and rules set by search engines and involves less risk and stable results. These results might not be as speedy as black hat SEO, but it gives anchored results that are durable.

It is always better to choose white hat methods as it is more secure and consistent. All the successful companies like Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO also prefer white hat methods for efficient results.

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