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Cyber Security Threats a Poorly Built Website can Face

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World Wide Web is not only convenient but dangerous as well if your website is poorly built and vulnerable for cyber security threats. As we gain convenience with latest technology, we always give up security at some points. But we can get better outcomes by maintaining a good balance between both convenience and security.

Cyber security is ever-changing with the passage of time and electronic thieves are clever nowadays and using latest technology to steal confidential data and information from websites that are poorly built with security flaws.

Cybercriminals use a lot of different tactics to bait their victims into parting with their sensitive personal or business data and information.

As more and more people are doing business on internet, they need to be aware of all advanced cyber security threats and methods so they can be extra watchful when doing things online. Since definition of Cyber Security explicates that it is an approach of protecting business networks, systems, and programs from digital attacks, everyone should be conscious to cyber security threats not just because of an increase in cyber-attacks in recent years but because cyber criminals are advanced in these days with a wider range of vulnerabilities.

Here are major cyber security threats a poorly built website can face due to thelack of proper cyber security plan.

Security Misconfigurations

When there are multiple vulnerabilities with your site, it is known as security misconfigurations. Which means, you are opening the doors to hackers by not having a proper security plan at place.

If there are some issues with configurations of your website, cyber criminals can easily gain access to your website and sensitive data stored on it. If web misconfigurations are serious, hackers can harm you more than imaginations.

However, proper configuration at every step of web development is the only way to seal the unprotected access points to your website.

System Downtime

When your website goes down unexpectedly, you’re not only losing customer, but you’re also probable to be victim of a cyber-attack because downtime provides hackers and cyber criminals easier access to your website.

It is said by professionals that website downtime can also be a sign of cyber criminal’s presence. It may look like normal downtime from the side of your host but malicious persons are actually getting access to confidential data and information of your website to harm your repute.

Internet of Things (IoT) related Vulnerabilities

Internet of Things technology is not only making our personal and professional lives easier than ever but also opening up several security related issues when we work online.

For example, remote access to business systems and networks can help a business resolve customer queries in real time but also considered as an open way to develop some serious cyber security vulnerabilities.

CCTV cameras installed in your store can easily be hacked through your network to move them around when they want to spy or to steal some physical assets.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross Site Scripting is common and most advanced cyber security threat in these days. In this process, a hacker or cyber-criminal may access your website with JavaScript tags on input via SQL injection.

The input will enter to the target site through the user’s web browser and try to hijack a user’s session, access confidential data stored on your website, or to spoil your personal or business website.

XSS can be simple enough as getting a user to click a link or attaching cookies to the target website. That’s why, web developers are always suggested to avoid returning HTML tags to the client in order to prevent cross site scripting.

Broken Authentication

Broken authentications are another way to damage your website if built poorly. When we visit a website, cookies are generated for valid user sessions that store confidential and private data like password and credit card details entered by the user.

The system is made-up to delete the sensitive information stored and to invalidate each cookie generated. But if cookies fail to delete due to an error in authentication even when a session ends, information and data contained in them will be open to hackers that they can use for various malicious reasons to harm your repute.

Hence, you can prevent broken session on your website by taking initial steps with your cyber security plan or by using your website’s framework to implement proper protection for each and every user who visits your website.

SQL Injections

SQL injections are one of the common heatmap of website security concerns that hackers can use to attack your website. It occurs when a cyber-criminal or hacker uses application code to enter into your site database. If the action is successful, they can easily access your website data to make changes in data, steal it or remove it to harm your repute.

In order to prevent such attacks on your website, you can use different security solution or IT management software after consulting with your web developer. Most of the CMSs like WordPress also offer their users to use plugins for foolproof protection against SQL injection.

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