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Creating a website from scratch

Creating a website from scratch
When building a website, you have to pay attention to all details that might influence the final outcome. These details include ensuring the best website security, selecting the most appropriate theme, offering users the best navigation experience and providing them with the best content.

This article should help you tackle each and every one of these factors, to obtain that perfect website that you pictured before starting this journey.

If this is your first time building a website, a lot of research should be involved in the process before making any decisions regarding how it will look in the end.

Looking for inspiration whenever you can and coming up with a marketing strategy to make the website popular within the shortest period of time are two activities you can’t exclude from the process. Here are some tips on how to deal with the four factors that influence the quality of a website:


Improving your website’s security should be your first purpose. People won’t trust a website that is not secured, which will lead to a considerable bounce rate (the number of people who immediately leave a website).

The bounce rate can be influenced by numerous factors, but security is definitely one of the most important ones. This mini guide on website security is supposed to give you the exact details needed:


There are some criteria you should follow when selecting a theme for your website:


The navigation experience on your website will determine how pleased visitors are with the time they spend on it. Choose a menu that is suitable for the quantity of content you include on your website and pay great attention to how content is structured.

Users want to find what they are looking for in seconds, and you can’t provide them with that unless you invest in a very good navigation system. A search bar should be visible and present at all times, including when the users scroll down on the website.


As for content, only post what’s relevant for your website and make it SEO-friendly. The way your website ranks on Google search results will determine how popular it is or how often people click on it.

SEO-friendly content involves using the right number of keywords that direct users to your website, along with other details that may improve how your website is perceived by search engines (hyperlinks, optimized images and so on). Don’t forget to include Call-To-Action buttons within your content as well.

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