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Contact Form 7 Problems with Your WordPress Website?

Contact Form 7 Problems
By and large, all the websites have the feature to send e-mails. Sending e-mails is not just any feature added to charm the visitors; it is rather an inevitable requisite.

E-mail forms are added to the websites which allow the visitors to send feedback, queries, and orders, etc to your business and also allow you to send a quick reply to the individual visitor. This feature is also considered a vital element of the mobile seo services these days.

It not only develops awareness but also contributes to providing valuable information regarding users’ expectations and the market for analysis and helps in creating and improving effective marketing plans.

WordPress is presently one of the most popular content management systems that are used to develop business websites that are floating over the Internet. It provides a mailing feature through its Contact Form 7.

The form that appears on the website through which you send the e-mails is called the contact form. The Contact Form 7 is a plug-in of the WordPress which gives to complete control over the e-mail sent through it. You can exert this control directly from within the WordPress by means of the WordPress admin panel.

Professed Problems on Contact Form 7 and Their Resolves

Contact Form 7 is a contact form plug-in for WordPress that sends e-mail from the website. It sends e-mail using the ‘from’ address that matches with the website domain, for example, where is assumed to be your website domain.

The e-mail address that the visitor enters into the contact form is placed in the reply-to header. This enables you to respond to the visitor simply by clicking the e-mail.

Although Contact Form 7 makes it simple to create a contact form and manage and control e-mails generated from the website, there have been conflicts about its performance and usability.

Some of the users do not find setting up the contact form 7 as easy as it should be. They claim that it is not a drag and drop widget. There is also the air that the entries in the form are not saved, which means that, if an e-mail does not arrive at your inbox, it will be lost.

Contact form 7 is available in WordPress as a plug-in and not as a widget which is why it is installed located and can be set up from the plug-in page. Also, the setting up process is not that complicated.

All you need to do is to find your desired contact form and click on edit. There are multiple tabs available using which you can set up the form in your required style. Also, there are additional plug-ins available in WordPress to back up the entries in Contact Form 7 which resolve the saving issue.

Apart from these, another problem that is being reported these days is that Contact Form 7 is not sending the e-mails. This problem is addressed in the following section.

What Exactly the Contact Form 7 Not Sending E-Mail Problem is?

If your website is developed using WordPress content management system and like any other developer you also update your plug-ins using the plug-in developer, you are likely to face this problem.

Recent updates in WordPress Contact Form 7 plug-in have been reported not to send the form entries filled by the website visitor to your website.

However, the visitor is given a confirmation message like ‘your message has been sent successfully’ leaving you absolutely clueless with no e-mail dropped to your mail inbox.

In such a case you cannot respond to the visitor unless she or he contacts you explicitly to ask for the delay in response. This is deceiving for the visitor and may lead to friction in your relationship with the visitor.

This is also expected to have a huge impact on the lead conversion rate for your website thereby affecting your business.

Updating the Contact Form 7 Plug-in and Fix the Current Problem

Keeping your plug-ins updated is critical to offer new features, fix any known bug or security issues. Regrettably, the recent WordPress plug-in update has resulted in the issue previously stated. However, there can be multiple reasons for not receiving e-mails through contact form 7.

Both cases require you to be technically sound enough to fix the problem. If you are not familiar with the coding, you can take technical help from someone who knows the plug-ins and themes well and can get the things working for you.

Configuration Validation of Contact Form 7

In order to answer this problem, you need to validate the configuration of Contact Form 7. You can follow the following steps to get it done.

Shift from Real Simple Captcha to Google reCaptcha

In order to deal with the spam and abuse, the Contact Form 7 shifted from its Real Simple Captcha to the Google reCaptcha. You can follow the steps below to acquire and activate Google reCaptcha.

Once done, you are ready to use the latest updates on Contact Form 7 without any further issues.

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