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Comparison between HTML, Bootstrap, WordPress and PHP

HTML Bootstrap WordPress and PHP
These are the three most important technologies that are used today all over the internet including websites, web applications, mobile applications etc.

As html is the standard language that every website has to follow so there are some rules that have to be followed while writing anything in html – Tags should be closed properly, tags should be nested properly etc.

Bootstrap follows css class naming conventions instead of html tag names so it makes it easier to write code without having any knowledge of html or very little knowledge of it.

The third one, WordPress is not only a website but it’s also a platform for easy blogging and people can easily host their website on it.

Finally, PHP is the coding language that is used to interact with the database i.e., MySQL which you need in order to power your site or application.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the code that forms web pages by adding ingredients like headings, paragraphs, and lists and so on.

HTML gives structure to your content so it can be read by search engines and browsers. It tells them this text represents a heading, or paragraph, or list item.

This makes it easier for all users to browse your website. HTML also allows you to add dynamic content with languages like JavaScript or PHP.

What can HTML do?
HTML is a markup language used to create web pages. It contains three basic tags:

– encloses the whole document in html-tags. This tag could simply be left out, but it’s standard practice to include it for clarity and organization.
– contains all the metadata about a webpage, such as the title, links to scripts and style sheets, etc.
– which holds everything that will be displayed in an html document.

HTML – Pros & Cons

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