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How to Choose a WordPress Caching Solution

WordPress Caching Solution
If you ever wondered what the best platform to start blogging is, WordPress comes up as the topmost choice. It comes with a host of facilities that make posting and reading a blog quick and easy for you and your audience (readers or buyers).

But if your website takes too long for loading, chances are visitors won’t gonna visit your website again. Engaging and retaining the reader and their attention is one of the key methods to boost the traffic to your website and caching is one of the popular means to accelerate it.

What is caching and how does it help?

Slow is not the way to go. Same thing applies with the website loading as well. If your website is slow in loading then you will gonna miss out on various opportunities. As most visitors just hates slow loading websites and even Google is quite strict on poor performing websites.

How can one improve the loading speed of their WordPress website? If you are using WordPress, Caching is definitely one solution for it – it comes handy when a user wants to access your website and helps in subsequent visits too.

When a user tries to access your website, his browser generates a request to your server. This prompts your server to release information.

However, if there are a large number of images or files, your website becomes heavy and accessing it may take longer. Here is how techniques like caching can do away with this delay:

Before opting for a caching plugin, do a mock run – a ‘test’. All you need is a staging site – install the plugin and run some tests to see if the speed of the page actually improves. However, it may be a time-consuming exercise.

So, what are the parameters you should check while deciding if a cache solution fits your requirement? Read on to know more:

You can choose your caching solution from the following:

1. A solution from your web hosting provider

Some of the web hosting providers offer a caching solution too so that their servers are little less burdened.

These solutions are developed using both programing and site modules but may not give you much room for customization. Varnish is a prominent name in the league of server-side caching solutions.

Others include Memcached, Redis, and PHP Code Caching. If you are keen to explore free server-side caching solutions, consider using LiteSpeed Cache or Cache Enabler.

2. A WordPress caching solution

For your WP website, what can be better than a WordPress caching solution? It offers solutions with distinct features:

  1. WP Rocket: Priced at USD39, this has been an active installs number of ~ 233,995 sites. Some of its key features are customizable, cache preloading that improves indexing by search engines, and compressing HTML, Javascript, and CSS files to allow quicker download.
  2. WP Super Cache: It is free, and easy to set up. It is also one of the fastest caching solutions. It creates static HTML files from your blog to be used by the server for processing.
  3. W3 Total Cache: Again, a free caching solution ranked among the top 3 performing solutions. This is most suitable for mobile-friendly websites and those using SSL. It does not buckle under high traffic, and improves conversion rates and performance of your site to bring them up during Google search.

Choosing a caching solution can make or mar the blog that you have painstakingly developed using website builders. However, functionality, scope of customization, and cost are most important.

The solutions offered by hosting server optimize your website but may not be open to customization while the WP ones are friendly to your website, provided they are compatible with the server. The best course is to test the options available and track the results to find out what suits you.

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