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Are You Updating the SEO on Your High-Performing Web Pages?

It’s a well-established fact that Internet marketing is a cornerstone for any business, especially in today’s digital era. Regardless of its industry or size, a company can’t achieve success – much less sustain its operations – without establishing an online presence. Most consumers rely on the World Wide Web for almost everything that they need, after all. Those who don’t take advantage of the platform and hire the services of the best Washington DC SEO companies won’t just miss out on the opportunity to reach out to a wider market. But they’ll risk falling behind their competitors too.

However, one topic rarely touched upon is maintaining an organization’s rankings in the SERPs or search engine results pages. When you get down to it, half of the digital marketing battle is elevating visibility; the other is in staying relevant. And this can be achieved with both the help of SEO experts and updating the web pages’ search engine optimization. In this article, we’ll discuss how this can be effectively done to ensure that the business’ website remains in its position.

  1. Regularly update the website

    One of the primary reasons why many businesses are unable to hold on to their position in the rankings is that they stop updating as soon as they meet their goals. But the reality is that search engines don’t just consider quality content. They also take its freshness into account. If a company fails to regularly keep its website updated, it’ll risk losing its industry relevance. And, in turn, it’ll lose its grasp on its existing customers and fail to generate incoming traffic from new users. Thus, it’s vital to update the website consistently with new content that is as varied as they are engaging.

  2. Enhance the speed of the website

    Speed has long since been a factor when it comes to search engine rankings, and it’s surprising how plenty of businesses tend to overlook this area of their website and allow them to load as slow as they do. After all, if the site fails to load quickly, there’s a good chance that users will get frustrated and turn to alternatives instead. As such, it’s imperative to lessen the loading time of the web pages. From enabling image compression and leveraging a content distribution network to switching to other hosting services if needed, keeping the speed at which the site loads fast will keep abandonment at a minimum.

  3. Quality link-building is essential

    A common trap that many companies fall into in improving their search engine optimization is focusing entirely on quantity instead of quality in building their links. The fact is that there’s little reason to create an excessive number of backlinks to a page if it’s already been ranked for specific keywords already. Search engines are able to detect if websites start generating links at a rapid and unreasonable pace, after all. And this could potentially lead to being flagged and lowering the site’s rankings, if not getting it banned completely.

    There’s also a possibility to drop in the search engine’s rankings if the vast majority of available links all point to a single source. And if a business wants to maintain its keyword ranking, then it must expand all inbound links to all web pages. Not only will the diversification of backlink profiles help keep the audience engaged. But it’ll elevate the website’s ranking too.

  4. Remain active in social media

    While there’s undoubtedly some ambiguity regarding how the engagement through social media affects search engine rankings, it’s transparently clear that the channels within the platform are generally perceived as authority brands. And the more active that a business is in social media, the better the chances that its content will be liked and shared. As a result, it’ll elevate the online visibility of the company and may even sustain – if not improve – it’s ranking over time. And through the addition of share buttons on the content pages, incorporating calls to action, and offering valuable content for free, an organization can boost its SEO efforts considerably.

  5. Look for the best Washington DC SEO companies

    Despite its conceptual simplicity, search engine optimization can be complex and tricky. And a business is far more likely to do damage to its brand rather than create positive exposure for it by shouldering the responsibility on its own rather than outsource it to agencies that specialize in this form of digital marketing. However, it pays to do research on the experts before committing to their services. Checking their experience and reading testimonials and feedback from both past and present clients might sound like a lot of additional work, but it’ll pay dividends in allowing a company to find the right agency.

  6. Allow satisfied customers to post reviews

    It’s easy to see why the majority of businesses tend to encourage their satisfied clients to post reviews on their offerings. Most consumers tend to trust the insight of customers as much as they do recommendations from family and friends, after all. Word-of-mouth advertising is just as effective today as it ever was in the past. And by doing the same, a company stands to reel in more leads and improve their conversions. And in consequence, lead to more sales.

  7. Monitor the efforts of the competition

    If there’s one thing that most businesses often struggle against, it’s having competition. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be advantageous too. And by staying on top of the competitors, a company can learn and integrate certain digital marketing strategies, techniques, and methods into its own model without having to do the legwork.

With the perpetually changing and evolving nature of the search engines’ algorithm, it can be more than a little challenging to maintain high rankings. However, through regular and meaningful website updates, building high-quality content and links, staying active on the social media platform, hiring the best Washington DC SEO companies, encouraging reviews, and monitoring the competition, a business won’t just help itself maintain its position. But it could potentially elevate its rankings even higher than it would’ve been otherwise.

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