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Anticipate Graphic Design Trends to Know for 2024

Anticipate Graphic Design Trends

Graphic design is a form of visual communication, which uses typography, illustration and photography. Graphic design trends tend to change over a period of time. It has a rich history since its origin in 1922. Back then, graphics were drawn with bare hands, unlike today when the trends in graphic designing have almost reached the zenith of evolution.

If you pay close attention to the changing trends, you would have noticed that yesteryear’s graphics trends were centered on its adaptability to mobile screens and included a lot of video backgrounds. SEO service India would agree that graphics have a role in boosting the SEO performance of the website.

The Change in Graphic Design over the Years

Transition in design aesthetics isn’t new and happens every 12 months. This can be accounted for the fact that people change how they consume information changes every few months.

Back in the 90s, you had people gushing over posters, but now traditional posters are passé. The digital world has taken over and now there are several layers within the digital world with respect to graphic designing. Also, the factors influencing these design aesthetics are aplenty. If you’re seeking modern alternatives, consider exploring a versatile app like a poster maker.

The changing design trends are also distinctly inspired by culture. Different design aspects native to one culture have been used universally. Design cues from the Middle East, Japanese, and Latin America have reached even the farthest corners of the world. For businesses seeking to adapt to these evolving trends, exploring specialized services such as Graphic Design Agencies can provide valuable insights and support.

However, it will be interesting to see what turn it takes this time around. We have made a list of comprehensive predictive trends for 2024. The trends that will dominate in 2024 are:

  1. Complex Color Gradients

    Gradients have become brighter and bolder. These are being used by graphic designers to create airbrush effect that imparts more life to the design.

    These gradients are very effective when applied to a stark white or dark background. However, these elements must be used with precaution as too much can be distracting and ruin the very purpose of design.

  2. An Influx of Retro in Modern Illustrations

    Modern designs that have a retro touch to it have been liked by all. Modern designers are combining some of the abstract elements of design from the 1920s and retouching them with bright color patterns. These are being widely used in web design, especially in the areas that include website description.

  3. Strong Typography

    Bold fonts are here to stay as it makes it easy for the viewers to read the text on all devices. Bold reflects conviction, impact, and strength, which is quintessential when portraying a brand message. However, bold is only one aspect of an impactful design.

    2020 will see bold font as the focal element of graphic design. Bold fonts will dominate when designing the call-to-action buttons or graphics. Such fonts inevitably stand out and are more noticeable.

  4. The Bright Minimalist Artist

    Minimalism is often attributed to simple text on white backgrounds, but in contrary to this, minimalism is actually about presenting only the bare minimum. It eliminates any complicated or cluttered ideas from the design.

    Minimalism is beyond the usage of just muted or neutral tones. However, we can refer to this as a concept of traditional minimalism. The modern minimalism, as we are likely to encounter in 2020, will be more about using bright vivid colors at a bare minimum level.

  5. Hand Drawn Illustrations

    Illustration-style graphics are a hit and make any visual content stand out. Hand-drawn illustrations can impart exclusivity as no other brand will be able to copy the illustration.

    Brands are more likely to stand out as they will personalize their brand experience for the customers. Hand-drawn illustrations are here to stay. Doodles and sketches have been successfully used by many brands in their marketing campaigns.

  6. Stock Photographs

    Companies are not shying away from giving their brand a face. Many brands are resorting to the use of graphics that feature real images of a human. This is to make the targeted customer feel more connected to the brand or deliver a more personalized experience.

  7. Motion Graphics

    Web designing has become more competitive and many top eCommerce website design services are recommending the use of motion graphics. 2020 will see a surge in the use of movement in typography. This affinity for motion can be attributed to the fact that people are more likely to remember animated content than text.

  8. 3D

    There are several easily available 3D rendering software in the market, which means we will most likely see more of 3D graphics in 2020. Depths and shadows were always among the top graphic designing trends and now they have gone a notch up with 3D graphics.

    We have seen how 3D graphics were integrated into the real world with apps like Pokemon Go in 2018. What awaits in 2020 will be interesting to watch!


Application of these graphic design trends to your brand marketing strategies can have positive or negative repercussions. These graphic design ideas should be implemented only after thorough research of the market and target demographics.

Micheal Anderson Author

Micheal Anderson is a web developer and SEO expert with Techmagnate (Leading web designing company in Delhi). He likes to write on various SEO and designing aspects to provide the solution for all queries.

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