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6 WordPress Plugins to Help You Make More Money Online

If you’re looking for a way to boost your business’s online profits or redesign your website, there are several WordPress plugins that can help.

These plugins provide assistance on everything from website security to search engine optimization (SEO). This post goes over six such plugins, covering their features, how they can help you make money, and how much each plugin costs.

WordPress Plugins to Make More Money Online

  1. WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is a plugin targeted specifically at the actual act of selling products. Most prominently, the plugin boasts the ability to help business owners set up an online store “within minutes,” according to the plugin’s page on WordPress.

    It supports credit cards and other payment methods, and it also allows you to set up shipping options. Additionally, WooCommerce offers tax calculations and integration with MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Facebook.

    WooCommerce’s moneymaking potential lies in its versatility and its ability to give users an easy-to-use store.

    For business owners, its payment options and shipping support take much of the headache out of collecting money from customers and shipping items to them.

    WooCommerce is free, and it has both free and paid optional extensions. You can view those on WooCommerce’s extensions page.

  2. Jetpack

    Jetpack is a multifaceted WordPress plugin. It offers several security features, includes spam filtering, malware scanning, and protection from other types of attacks.

    Those can help keep your site up, running, and available to customers—which it needs to be to make money.

    However, Jetpack boasts many features beyond security improvements. It has a site accelerator tool, which decreases page load times.

    That can provide a boost to your bottom line, because of the slower your pages load, the more conversions you will lose.

    Jetpack also comes with analytic tools to help your business get a grip on who its audience is and how that audience behaves. It has SEO and advertising programs to get your business in front of more eyeballs.

    If you have more than one WordPress, Jetpack site management can help you to manage multiple WordPress websites using a single dashboard.

    Jetpack’s money-making potential derives from its ability to make your website more usable and more visible, leading to the attraction of more customers and more conversions once they arrive.

    Jetpack comes with a free version that offers security features. You can also get Jetpack for free when you sign up with the popular managed WordPress hosting.

    Otherwise, the packages that unlock various combinations of the other features currently range between $3.50 and $29 per month.

  3. Yoast SEO

    As its name suggests, Yoast SEO is all about search engine optimization. It works to boost a site’s SEO in many different ways. For instance, Yoast SEO makes the management of breadcrumbs—which are navigational aids—easier.

    In turn, properly managed breadcrumbs will improve a website’s performance on Google search results. It also helps users avoid creating duplicate content, which is important because duplicate content can lead to penalties from Google.

    Additionally, Yoast SEO can help make the content of your site more search-friendly. For instance, it provides an analysis tool to help you improve your content from a search engine perspective.

    It also provides previews of how your website’s different pages will look to users when they pop up in search results. You can follow the suggestion given to optimize your content before publishing.

    Though this plugin focuses solely on SEO, that’s an important feature to focus on. The better your website does in search results, the more potential customers will find it. The basic version of Yoast SEO is free. The premium version is currently $89 per year.

  4. MailChimp for WordPress

    MailChimp for WordPress is another plugin designed to increase your business’s reach, though this one focuses on email rather than SEO. It only requires that you have a MailChimp account set up.

    Then, you can connect the plugin to your Mailchimp account. After that, the plugin offers features designed to help you “grow your MailChimp lists” and “write better newsletters,” per its page on WordPress.

    Additionally, the plugin offers several ways to integrate your WordPress site with the emails you send via WordChimp. For instance, you can integrate it with comment forms, signup forms, and checkout pages.

    This plugin helps business owners make money by improving their emails, making managing email lists smoother, and increasing the ease with which users can interact with your site through an email.

    MailChimp offers a free version as well as a premium version. The premium version costs between $59 and $149 per year, depending on which package you choose.

  5. WPForms

    WPForms is yet another plugin geared toward helping your business expand its audience. Per its page on WordPress, this plugin offers the ability to create many types of forms, including contact forms, payment forms, feedback forms, and subscription forms.

    To save time, the plugin’s form-creation process is designed to be quick. Additionally, it is set up so that any form you create will work across the big four platforms: desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet.

    In turn, that means you won’t have to spend as much time testing your new form from platform to platform.

    WPForms helps a business make money in several different ways. For instance, it can make it much simpler for users to interact with your site.

    Additionally, feedback forms can be used to gather information on what areas of your business are thriving and which need work.

    The plugin also has some features designed to boost conversions, like forms that change in reaction to users’ answers.

    WPForms comes in a variety of price tiers, ranging from $39.50 to $299.50 to year. (These prices may fluctuate because of discounts.)

  6. MonsterInsights

    MonsterInsights is a plugin meant to work hand-in-hand with Google Analytics. It features a dashboard that can show you easy-to-digest reports.

    In particular, the plugin offers information on what geographic area your site’s visitors are located in, how they came to your site and how they behave once they’re on it, which content is performing well, and more.

    The purpose of gathering this data is to allow business owners to adjust their strategies as needed.

    For example, if your visitors are ignoring written content but absolutely love your videos, this plugin will let you identify that trend so that you can focus on content that produces more conversions.

    MonsterInsights comes in a lite version as well as premium versions that range between $99.50 and $399.50 per year. (Again, these prices may fluctuate because of discounts.)


There are a lot of ideas when it comes to making money online. However, if you want to take the idea to the next level, there are many things you need to do. Besides avoiding the common mistakes, these plugins can help to prepare a solid fundamental for your website to compete with others.

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