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6 Essential Steps to Start a Blog on WordPress

Blog, in layman’s terms, is an online diary; just that you want other people to read your diary, engage with it, and appreciate it. This will happen only if you wish to learn all the steps involved in creating a good blog and keeping at it on a regular basis.

In This article, we will give you 6 steps that are necessary to create a blog on WordPress. These are 6 easy steps to follow and you will have fun making your blog at WordPress. So, let, ‘s start!

Step1- Choose a Blog Name & Genre

Choosing the theme of the blog is the most crucial step because your whole blogging career will revolve around the theme selected. You can choose to work in a niche segment where you will come across as an expert (if you have a lot of personal experiences related to a topic & you want to share that experience with the world, then go for a niche topic).

It is very important to choose a name for your blog. It is on the basis of this name you will be able to attract and retain the readers on your blog. If you have decided on the genre of your blog, then maybe you can pick a name that says about the topic that you wish to write about.

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Step 2- Installing WordPress Blogging Software

Once you have decided that you want to launch your blog on WordPress, you will need to set a framework for your blog. This essentially means that you will need to choose a web hosting service provider (use coupon codes & deals for hosting service provider to grab discount on subscription), create a WordPress account, and install the WordPress software.

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Step 3- Select Your Blog Template & Theme

The template of your blog will work as a gateway to your personality, which is why you must select a template that resonates with your style & personality (and of course, is in sync with the overall genre of your blog!). You can check out an array of templates available with WordPress software.

You can also find an array of WordPress themes, that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your blog.
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Step 4- Write Your First Blog Post

It goes unsaid that you need to be a good writer to create a successful blog post. You will need to know the tricks & hacks to connect with your customers and create an overall structure for your blog post. If you present a well-crafted article in front of your customers, they cannot help but connect with you.

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Step 5- Add WordPress Plugins & Customizations

WordPress Plugins & customizations add special features to your blog. These plugins are informative and usually help in interacting with your customers. Depending upon the kind of blog you have designed, you can choose different plugins to enhance the quality of your blog.
You can add contact form plugins, Google Analytics tracking code (which gives you all the information about the visitors to your blog and their habits), etc.

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Step 6- It is Now Time to Make Money

Once your blog has started getting some traffic, you can think about monetizing your account. You can connect with Google AdSense and it will help you make money by showing some specific ads on your blog post. It is very simple to work with; all you need to do is incorporate a special code given by Google on your specific blog and once someone goes through your blog, he/she will automatically come across the ad.

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To Conclude

You have all the tools in your hand (WordPress offers end-to-end tools, plugins, and customization options to its visitors) with the help of which creating an interesting blog becomes very easy. Also, this is an extremely fun and interesting way to put your viewpoints across the whole world. Just remember that there is a learning curve in every activity you perform (even in blogging); so, keep writing, learning & enjoying your blogging journey!

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