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6 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress Comparison

Contact Form Plugins
WordPress has become the most popular platform for website development these days. Many developers and companies are building their portfolio of WordPress development to earn leads and clients.

Some of the benefits of using a WordPress website are-

If you have a WordPress website, too, then you must know what a contact form is. A contact form is basically a series of questions that must be filled out on your webpage by your visitors. The responses of your visitors are directly emailed to you.

Contact forms are increasingly used for getting feedback from visitors, allowing your visitors to post questions to you, or request you for services or information about your services.

Contact forms have become very popular these days because-

If you are looking for the best contact form plug-ins, here are the 5 best ones to choose from-

1. WPForms

With a starting price of $39 per year, this plug-in has a rating of 4.9 and more than 800,000 active installs as of 2018. this plug-in is for beginners in the WordPress community. With this plug-in, even a newbie can create complex contact forms.

When you opt for WPForms, you need no developer to work for you, and you can develop almost any kind of contact form- including an order form, a survey form, a donation form, or a simple contact form.

2. Pirate Forms

Pirate form is a free plug-in that has a generous rating of 4.6 and more than 200,000 active installs. The interface of the plug-in is useful when there is a need for a simple contact form and not much dazzle and complexity is required.

Pirate Forms caters to the user who wants a simple contact form readymade without having to create anything and wants it displayed on his website without any further delay.

3. Ninja Forms

This is a freemium contact form plug-in that can be used to create interactive contact forms with minimal efforts.

4. Jetpack

Jetpack, the plug-in from camp Automatic also has a contact form module within it. The module can be enabled in the Settings option.

5. Gravity Forms

This is one of the more premium contact form plug-ins that is charged as $39 for a single website up to $199 for unlimited websites. A standout feature of the plug-in is multi-page forms that allow your visitors to fill out comprehensive details.

6. ARForms – Form Builder Plugin WordPress

The ARForms WordPress Form Builder plugin is an all-in-one tool that allows you to build any type of form without requiring any technical skills.

This plugin stands out with over 50+ pre-built, fully designed sample forms and 30+ form elements!

The ARForms WordPress Form Builder plugin’s Real-Time Editor can assist you in creating the form using a simple drag and drop option.

You can select from different styles, including: Rounded Style Form Design, Standard Form Design & Material Style Form Design & it comes with sitewide in-built pop-up forms.

The analytics function in ARForms is one of its best features, allowing you to see form entries and views on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

Free lite version:

With these 5 top WordPress contact form plug-ins, we are sure you have chosen one for your specific requirement. Your choice of contact form plug-in really depends on the kind of experience you want and your reasons for building a contact form.

Karishma Nimavat Author

Karishma Nimavat is a Content Writer at Nex Software and she has also knowledge of coding in Java, SEO, and WordPress. Nex Software is a Software Testing Services providing firm located in India and Karishma is working here since 2016. Karishma owns her blog and she regularly shares the content on various topics.

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