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5 Best WordPress Search Plugins to Improve Your Site Search

Is it important to use search plugins additionally on WordPress? Yes, of course, it is important when you are not satisfied with the limited features of the default search option. That is why WordPress has all these options. There are many search plugins that you can use to improve your site search.
Beginners always wonder why search plugins are required in a WordPress website. There are many reasons to use search plugins. When you see the insights and results of the default search bar options, then you will realize how important it is to use search plugins on a WordPress website. So without worrying about anything, you need to know why search plugins are important and why you need to use them.

Here in this post we will cover the same topic and will let you know about the five best WordPress search plugins. Also, we let you know about the importance and the role of search plugins in a WordPress based website.

What Is A WordPress Search Plugin?

WordPress search plugin is a plugin that extends the features of your search bar on your website. Your site visitors might want to search content on your website, to make it easy and convenient for them, you must have to install a search plugin. There are default search bar options available, but they are limited. So if you want to provide something which is beyond the limits then the WordPress search plugin is the best thing to install on your website.

Why Search Plugins Are Important?

Search plugins have some extra features beyond the limits of the default search bar option. That is right, but is it enough to encourage you to use search plugins? No, there are a plethora of reasons that make it important for web developers to use search plugins. There are basic and default search bars, but there are many limitations. That is why your site users are not satisfied with the content delivered. Because they are not getting exactly what they have searched for. That is why search plugins are recommended by even website development experts.

List Of 5 Best WordPress Search Plugins

Now let’s come to the point. Let us list out five best WordPress search plugins available. These five search plugins are very useful if you want to enhance your search option on your website. These search plugins have extreme functions that allow your users to get desired content easily within a few minutes. So without wasting time anymore let’s get to the point. Following are the five best WordPress search plugins that will make your site more advanced.

1. ElasticPress

It is part of ElasticSearch. The best thing about this search plugin is that it is available for cloud search options also. So whenever your users are searching for content on your website, they will get enhanced search based on the cloud search feature. Along with this, many other features will make your users feel convenient while searching on your site.

ElasticPress is easy to replace with your default WordPress search option. Also, it is compatible with all kinds of hosting providers available. This search plugin is easy to use and beginners can make use of it easily.

This plugin is not available for free. You will have to pay money to use this plugin on your website. There are other paid plugins also, but this one is expensive as compared to others.

2. WP Google Search

If you want something authentic, then WP Google Search is the best plugin to use for your website. WP Google Search will allow you to get a custom Google search option on your website. There are many other plugins, but this plugin is the most used plugin by WordPress site.

The major advantage of this plugin is that it is free of cost. Yes, you don’t need to pay anything while using WP Google Search plugin for your WordPress site. Along with this, the WP Google Search plugin is very easy to install. You just need a search engine ID and everything becomes easy. It also provides you with a widget. You can place that widget on the sidebar of your WordPress site.

As we know that things that are available for free always cost you something. There are many limitations to this WordPress plugin. To get rid of these limitations you need to buy a premium plugin.

3. SearchWP

One of the easiest and customizable search plugins for WordPress sites. If you want a custom search plugin for your WordPress site, then this search plugin is the best option.

You can customize the search algorithm and help users get accurate search results. Without being accurate, you can’t satisfy the search intent of your users. Also, this search plugin makes sure that searched query gets searched on titles, tags, posts, and in everything.

This search plugin is not available for free.

4. Ivory Search

Ivory search is also one of the top search plugins used for WordPress websites. This search plugin also makes it easy for you to replace the default WordPress plugin.

If you are looking for multiple search forms, then Ivory search is the best plugin for you. It helps you create dynamic search forms with the customization and different search settings.

As it is used for multiple search form creation, it is not that easy to use. Beginners may find it hard to use.

5. ACF

If you want a lite, fast and affordable search plugin for your WordPress site, then ACF is the best option. Its name describes it perfectly, ACF: Better Search. To make search options better on your website, you need ACF.

There are multiple categories available for search query type.

You can’t use this plugin without turning on ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) on your WordPress site.


There are many WordPress search plugins available and one can use any of them. Above mentioned search plugins are the best ones. You can choose according to your requirements. Without knowing your exact requirement it becomes hard for you to get the best search plugin. If you cannot afford to buy a plugin, then you can go ahead with the free available search plugins

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