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10 Best Clean WordPress Themes for 2023


You’ve created your company, your portfolio, and your designs. Now you’re ready to showcase your brilliant ideas to the world! You know the market is competitive. You know social media is the way of the world.

You’re searching for the right way to market yourself and it has to be FIRE! So, you need to decide how you want your WordPress to be formatted. Luckily for you, we are here to help.

We have gone through Grace Themes, a WordPress template website, to find the cleanest, most versatile, and most eye-grabbing Themes available.

Ranging from fashion to baking and all things in between, these themes will provide the best template for you to market your work.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to an immersive WordPress, we highly suggest starting with one of these templates.

Classy Lite

First and foremost: design, design, DESIGN! If you’re looking for a free template with cutting edge graphics, this the template for you.

Not only is this template perfect for fashion designers and bloggers, but it also comes equipped with easy plugins as well as social media icons to make sure you’re staying connected through all facets of your social media presence. This template is incredibly easy to manipulate to perfect your color scheme!

Classy Pro

If Classy Lite doesn’t provide you with enough options, Classy Pro will fill in all the gaps. This template is designed to help you sell, with easy 5- level drop-down designs that ensure your customers can quickly and conveniently find their new favorite statement piece.

This template gives you plenty of options for design, from the sidebar layout and widgets to easy- to- manage and place banners. You’ll have a professional, sharp, and clean layout if you go with Classy Pro.


The simplicity of this template will help you keep organized and on-task through every step of your work. It is a universal template for any personal blog, business, marketing agency, photographer, or any other professional business you could think of.

Just because this template is easy to use, though, does not mean it lacks any elegance. Every page a user navigates to is headlined by an image of your choosing and the trims help to create a clean, crisp, no-nonsense webpage.

Wide Range Lite

Wide Range Lite is a photographer’s dream template. This sleek design structure was meant for displaying high-resolution photographs and showcasing either your talents or your wares.

This template provides a full-width page and is incredibly user-friendly, making the hardest part of working on your Wordpress selecting which dazzling photos you want to showcase first.

Music Club Lite

If you are looking to be a standout competitor in the music industry then every aspect of your branding needs to be sleek, cutting edge, and of course, creative.

This template not only showcases your music, but provides a chic representation for your platform.

Equipped with a full-screen Nivo slide to showcase your upcoming event dates and touring pictures, you can easily navigate and impress your fan base with this clean and free template.

Grace Mag Lite

This theme provides the perfect setting for blogs, newspapers, magazines, publishing, and online review websites. The best part of this template is that it is designed for easy writing and publishing of your articles.

If you are in the market for a bright and sophisticated template with a blog post carousel and featured post sliders to keep your top stories on rotation, this is the template for you!

Spangle Pro

If you’re looking to find a template for your furniture or interior design company, Spangle Pro is the way to go.

This design provides angular and sleek lines that will make your websites’ patrons think they’re looking into investing in a Frank Lloyd Wright original.

The large image slider is perfect for showcasing your designs or promoting your services, and with multiple clickable buttons, this is an incredibly professional template.

Zero Error

The Zero Error template guarantees just what is in its name. This template has an incredibly sleek and simplistic format.

The page itself is straightforward and presents your details with incredibly easy lines to follow and facilitates effortless maneuverability for web-goers.

When developing your WordPress, the shortcodes provided in this template will make your experience simple and clean.

Creamery Pro

If you have “sweet” ambitions to promote your bakery, or are maybe worried about being too “cheesy” with your new pizzeria WordPress, then Creamery Pro is the theme for you!

The whimsy provided by the edges of the banners and its multiple color options give you free rein to play and connect your creations with the world online.

You can use a variety of animations, and play with over 600+ google fonts at various sizes, to really jazz up what’s on your menu and highlight your favorite dishes with full-screen displays of your creations.

Glamour World Pro

Glamour World Pro, while last on our list, is one of our most professional and creative templates. This template is perfect for a fashion blog or merchandising website.

The elegance of this template and the multiple editing options are the components that make Glamour World Pro one of the best!

Once again, it provides a user-friendly format with plenty of space for plugins and shortcodes. You will really glam up your garments with this chic and fitting template.

Now armed with our 10 Best “Clean” Templates of 2019, we hope you can find the best theme to really make your site stand out. Grace Themes has 100’s of options and themes that will beautifully serve your future WordPress.

While WordPress is the industry standard Content Management System (CMS), it’s important to think of all the other elements of building a website such as web hosting, SSL certificates, and domains.

101domain and other major domain registrars are great places to start when looking for these additional elements.

Just be sure to make sure to pick a provider that is user-friendly and easy to configure for WordPress. Good luck and happy designing!

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