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10 Amazing Free WordPress Themes For Writers And Authors

Building a website is a difficult job for writers. Their creative side pulls them more towards words and distant worlds while coding and technology can be confusing to deal with.

Yet, every writer needs a website where they could show their work, display their portfolio or simply blog about their life as a writer, sharing tips and anecdotes.

WordPress is the king of all blogging, especially for writers. It’s easy to set up and Google loves it. But, finding the right look for your website could be an issue.

We often search for the right theme for days, looking for that perfect one that would fit our personality and brand.

That’s why it can be so much easier with a guide through the best themes for writers. Here they are:

  1. Indiana

    This is a responsive, clean and simple theme putting your writing upfront. The layout of this theme always looks fresh and clean while its light weight helps your page load much faster. The colors, fonts and features are completely customizable, adding to the charm of this theme.

    It’s SEO friendly and really easy to set up and use. You can create many different sections like the services section or add a slider to showcase your latest blog posts.

    You can even incorporate an e-commerce store and sell your products. There are free and paid versions both of which have their own benefits and can help you build a great site to display your work.

  2. Personal Web

    This theme is built to fit just about any kind of writer because of its versatility and customizability. You can play around with different colours and fonts to create your own brand and engage with readers.

    For freelance writers, this theme offers a lot of options – they can build a page for their portfolio, inform their users of their services and create great blog posts for their audience.

    “Authors can display their works on the feature slider. This theme is free to use but there is a pro version for a bit more options and customizability. It’s clean, minimalistic and there to make your content available worldwide”, – explains Kate Smith, a Website administrator at Ukwritings.

  3. Prevalent

    Prevalent is a modern and responsive theme designed to help writers write better and hassle less with the overall look of their article. With its professional looks it’s bound to get clients to take notice and fall in love with your writing.

    Authors, on the other hand, get a plethora of options for displaying their books on good-looking sliders and widgets.

    It`s fully compatible with various widgets on WordPress, it has a great layout and because it`s light, your users will be able to load any page with the speed of light.

  4. Swiftone

    While Swiftone is a theme for different kinds of businesses, it works for writers because of its simplicity, interesting vibe and customizability. You can change colors, fonts and many other things to truly make the website fit your brand.

    Have fun with organizing everything to make this theme as entertaining as your work is.

  5. Helping Hands

    Helping hands is a perfect theme for writers looking for a free and simple option that puts their content in the spotlight. You can change colors and fonts to make this website as fun and interesting as possible. It’s fast, responsive and customizable. It also works with all widgets available on WordPress.

  6. Creator World

    Creator world was originally built for construction companies and architects but it works so well for writers because it looks good, operates smoothly and puts content in the first place.

    It has a great layout and a fun vibe that you can customize and make your own. Any writer would be happy to know that there is no coding involved – all you have to do is pick the right colors, fonts and layouts that work for you.

  7. Pleasant

    Easy to set up and customize, this theme is perfect for writers inexperienced with website building. You can easily create the kind of website you need with this simple theme that leaves a lot of customization options up to you. Colors, fonts and layouts are all easy to change and improve – you can make your website truly your own. This theme provides your users with speed, readability and simplicity that they need to consume content.

  8. Combine

    Combine is a minimalistic solution to all of your troubles. It’s easy to customize and change as you need it to and as a plus, it’s built to be multipurpose and fun to use.

    You can set up a great home page with all of the various features like the slider which can make your home page look professional and modern, the services section which can suite all freelance writers perfectly.

    “This theme is SEO friendly and responsive so there will be no trouble for mobile users or your findability on search engines. Your content is the king of this site while everything is there to support it”, – says Dane Oliva, a Blogger at Boomessays and Stateofwriting.

  9. Grace Mag

    The Grace Mag is an excellent theme for all writers who always dreamed of starting their own magazine. It’s very simple and clean, with feminine accent colors that are easily changeable and customizable.

    Because of its versatility, you can write in any niche and it will still match your style. This theme keeps the focus on your content rather than on hefty features and it also banks on loading speed.

    There is a featured post slider, blog post carousel and so on. As such, it`s compatible with all widgets available on WordPress and all devices your readers can view it on.

  10. Universal

    Universal is a clean and light WordPress theme designed as a multipurpose theme for all kinds of businesses. It’s easy to use and customize so any writer inexperienced with coding and building a website will have no trouble setting this theme up and making it fit their own personality and needs.

    You can get Universal for free in the lite mode or in the pro version if that’s what you like.
    Color scheme and fonts are completely customizable which can come in handy when building a brand.

    This theme has a slider section to display your content in the best light and the services section to help any freelance writer display their services.

These themes are all great options for writers. You can find them both as free and pro, paid versions which means that they are suitable for any pocket. Hopefully, one of these themes will fit right in with your brand image and feel.

Freddie Tubbs Author

Freddie Tubbs is a communication manager and a business writer. He also helps businesses create and fulfill communication strategies and succeed in business planning.

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